This Video's resolution exceeds the supported video resolution

I get this message on a lot of my videos.

Any else having this problem

Yes I am recieving that too.

Hi - I’m having this trouble with one file of mine, it turns out that I need to convert it to a resolution that will be accepted by the wd tv mini so I converted it using a free downloadable converter (Prism) and I found it worked. 

However, I am trying to find out the best way to convert it:

  • the avi conversion without modifying the Encoder Options or the Edit Output gave me a file which was way to big and would not read,

- the mgp conversion without modifying anything gave me a much smaller file but the quality was not that crash hot,

  • the mp4 conversion put the audio out of sync with the video,

  • the avi conversion with encoder at MPEG4,  MP3 & 8000 32 St was poor quality but watchable - so now I am trying avi with encoder on MGEG4, MP3, 12000 40 St .

This conversion business is doing my head in - so if anyone out there can tell me the best setup to use for converting my files for use with the WD TV Mini I would really appreciate it.

Yup, I’ve been seeing the same error message on several of my my files. It certainly does appear that this has to do with video conversion but can’t seem to find a specific solution or response.

this often happens when some transcodes into an xvid/avi using high quality settings…

xvid/avi is like jpeg…u loose some quality with smaller files…

use to people would try to keep the setting such as to fit on a 700mb cd…

now with dvds and high bandwidth (and also hdtv) i am seeing more 1.4gb or bigger files being made…

to transcode fast…i use a free proggie called WinFF

it is multiplatformed (can be used on windows/linux), fast…and has some easy foolproof settings…

normally i will transcode whatever file/format i have into an xvid(avi) 16:9…in WinFF it gives a small file with nice video/audio sync…

as always ymmv (your milage may vary)

-good luck