This thing won't play DVD rips?

I’ve just purchased the new version of WD TV Live, and have it attached to a NAS with lots of ripped DVDs from my collection using DVD Shrink mostly. It’s the standard folder deal, video_ts, with a load of VOB files etc. 

WD TV is able to find all these folders and play individual VOB files, of course, but this isn’t the kind of experience I want. Really I’d like the full DVD menu experience, with all the extras. 

I’ve been able to have WD TV find these films as ‘new items’ in the dashboard, and there’s a nice list of films, but when I click on them, it just seems to freeze up. Nothing happens, I wait a couple of minutes and evetually it lets me go back to the WD TV menus etc. 

I have been able to play blu ray rips, mkv files, and even get thumbnail data, but these are single files, not the folders full of VOBs that my DVD rips are.

I’ve tried creating an ISO out of one of the rips, but WD TV wouldn’t play that, either.

So this is leading me to the conclusion that this all-singing, all dancing device is requiring me to convert all of my films into single files, which takes a couple of hours per film, and sacrifice the extras too? That would take months and I’m not sure I’m prepared to do that, it’s just not worth the hassle.

Sorry for such a long post, anyway can somebody help me with this? Am I right that this is what I need to do? Thanks for any help.

DVDs (both VOBs and ISOs) work 100% OK for me.

Are you sure you haven’t turned DVD Mode OFF in the Setup menu?

Only ever had a problem once, when the .ifo files were missing.


All DVDs from my collection are ripped to ISO files via AnyDVD and companion program, CloneDVD2. 

One file=movie w/full menus.  They all play fine.  (What’s the point of VOB files when a single ISO does the trick just fine.)

MKV files of my blu-rays are created by ByteCopy anf play fine, too, although (as it is w/MKV files)  there is no menu, but there are Chspters I can select.

ISOs rule. If you insist on VOBs, put them in an VIDEO_TS folder to ensure continuous playback.