This thing needs a "Movies Only" Filter

This would solve so many problems for me.

I know you can use Folder view, but that doesn’t really make it easy for me. I have several directories of Movies that I combine into one by using the “All” filter. However, if I add my TV directory, I get hundreds of individual episodes added to that list.

I CAN filter out the Movies to just see TV and that works great for TV, but this thing needs a MOVIES ONLY filter so I can do the same for movies and clear out the TV episodes. My PCH A-200 has this options and it works great, so does my Boxee(separates Movies/TV completely).

I really wish they would add this. It would solve a lot of problems for me(and yes I asked for it int he suggestions back in April or so but I see nothing came of it).

It’s gotta be an easy addition since they know how to filter only TV.


Will be better if you add this to the ideas board, maybe someone else is looking for the same app and WD can take a look at it.

I had added it to the ideas section back in June, when I originally tried one of these.

I just went and voted on someone elses post suggesting the same thing. His is set as “Acknowledged”.

It’s frustrating to see it hasn’t been added yet since it’s something so simple for them to implement(they already know how to separate the TV Shows from the Movies based on the “TV Shows Only” filter).

I completely agree. My biggest frustration is not splitting out Movies from TV shows.

Even better this should be done on the main menu, and have a Movies menu, and a TV shows menu, including separate shares!

Daily I get tempted to go back to apple tv!