This maybe old news but..... may help someone with their metadata and cover art

Hi I have gone through my DVD collections and as we all experience I have a few covers and metadata missing which is annoying to say the least!

I have found a piece of software which allows you to re write the meta data for the movie manually and providing you save the xml file with exactly the same name as the folder the movie is in it will read it. The xml file also needs to be placed in the movie folder. To get the cover art you need to also save the cover art as the exact same neame as the movie folder and xml file and also place this in the movie folder.

the software is called xmlmarker 1.1 and can be downloaded free from cnet;1

All you need to do is open an xml file which from one of your movies that has the metadata from wd in this software and manually enter the information you require. Make sure you save it under the same name as the movie folder!

Hope this is of help to some people it is a very long winded way of doing it but it seems to work!

Happy editing!

Thats good to know.

You can also use Thumbgen to generate both the thumbnail & xml (you have to change the “Movie info export” to xml).  It will get all the information, but you will have to change to in the xml & it will not apply the background images.

I have contacted Thumbgen about adding support for the HUB, so that it will have instead of & automatically add the backgrounds http:// and he said that he is going to look at it after he gets back from the holidays.

Just thought I’d let everyone know.