This is what i do with a new wd live media streamer after so much trouble

my wd live is al couple weeks old. and what works? not verry mutch things. After the new firmware ist a **bleep** this thing. My complete internet wifi and network connection are distroyed after the the new firmware and have verry slow internet connection or internet connection dissaperad complete. its a **bleep** thing for a lot of money €85 euros :manmad::robotfrustrated:

and after i connect a usb harddrive, my media player dont starting up anymore. 

The only  way how i solved the problem is this with a new wd trouble media player is this!!!

dont buy a wester digital. a piece of **bleep** for so much money

uh… anger issues, much?  lol.

A return for full refund on a brand new unit, as you say, might have been a slightly better idea!

Better luck next time, hopefully not a new car with issues!

Pointless rant.

Congratulations for NOT selling it on Ebay, genius!