This is the second time

I can’t believe it I sent the first MYbook 2tb 2.0/3.0  back because of bad sectors and they sent me a new drive and it is the same thing. I am looking for a refund because I am not satisfied with this product. I should not have to jump through hoops to get this product to work or get one that actually works. I am sorry but Mybook 2.0/3.0 is a piece of trash.

Update: I may have fixed the problem, I had to use Seagate to set the drive up when I could not get WD’s program to format. Windows could not format it, after using Seagates program I ran a Chkdsk and it said it found no bad sectors. I had used WD’s Lifeguard program and it said I had bad sectors. I am still disappointed about the issue and I will continue to monitor this drive for I am not comfortable with it.

Dude, if I were you I’d call WD and ask for a senior tech or something, usually when you have 2 devices failing for the same reason then it’s time to check the computer…

It is not the computer being it is brand new. In my previous post I had posted I may have fixed it and it worked for a little while. I am not the only one having problems such as mine. I called WD and they are sending me a bigger drive, even though I would prefer my money back, which they said they can’t. I will see what this other drive does and if it is defective as well, I do know the next step. I am also knowledgable about computers.

You can get a new car with problems, it also happens with the computers and everything else in life.