This is fantastic!

i realize you mostly see only negative posts, bug reports, etc., but i just wanted to say this MBL so far is fantastic.

i just wanted to say thanks. so far so good. time to pick up a couple more SMP’s as i’m tired of handbraking content for my apple tv.

oh i wish i could say I am pleased with the product…


i guess a little network know-how helps with this drive.

do a firmware uodate and see if the comments are the same

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wduseless wrote:

do a firmware uodate and see if the comments are the same

Well I updated the day I got mine (two weeks ago) and its performed flawlessly.

What is it with you and the firmware updates? Do you need help updating?

I did mine with no problems at all and I would not consider myself a Pro.

Good luck with your problems


in fairness, I didn’t have to do an update. it came with the latest firmware pre-installed.

i’ve witnessed none of the common recently reported issues. it’s been working great. backed up and copied over 300GB, have been able to stream photos and even movies over wifi and 3G and it’s been going to into standby when not in use. i’ve also had no issues streaming multimedia to other systems or my WD SMP.

again not trying to ruffle feathers. just wanted to to say that it’s been working great for me so far.

I can say mine has been a good drive. Have the 2TB version. Latest firmware installed. Use it to stream movies to my WD streaming box. Works great and goes into standby when not in use.

engelsjn… I could not agree with you more… I too stream video to a WD Live via the MBL works quite well. cj