This forum is getting really boring

Here are some of my favorite threads/posts.

Strange noise coming from 10TB drives (WD100EFAX)

19V on WD20EARS - Help finding TVS Diode

WD Black not detected on reboot

Wdidle3 not working on new BLUE drives ;-( Any help?

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if your looking for telephone technical support it can be found at

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Search Knowledge Base / WD Community

(ie how to rma)
(ie noise)

Software downloads for internal hard drives can be found at

Example WD Black

Click on downloads and you will find links to
Data lifeguard diagnostics for DOS
Data lifeguard diagnostics for Windows
Acronis True Image WD Edition Software

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Agree about the same questions being repeatedly asked. It appears most just post without a search of their issue. Then there are those who do not R T F M. I end up ignoring these posters.

WD has gotten boring as well. No cool new products in a long time. WD could use a modern media player instead of suggesting folks use PLEX, A DUMMIED DOWN PLATFORM INSTEAD OF A MEDIA PLAYER BOX. (PLEX does work well with Alexa to play music from my NAS.)