Third time's a charm?

For those who read my previous posts, I purchased my WDTV Live SMP about 6 weeks ago. It crashed constantly. Fimrware updates didn’t correct it. Resets or turning off the media library didn’t fix it either. However, I held out hope and exchanged it rather than returned it.

The second one was far more stable, but it did have two issues. First was that the wireless would turn off periodically and would require a system restart in order to reconnect. This happened the first day and I thought “maybe it’s an anomaly.” It happened almost daily after that, becoming more frequent. On top of that, after about two weeks it developed another fun issue. Turning it on after several hours of sleep yielding a black screen. Had to pull the plug to correct it every time. The recent firmware update did not alleviate this, so I decided to return it.

Today I took it in for the return, but decided at the last mintue for one last exchange. I’ve only used it for a few hours, but so far so good. I have 15 days to return/exchange this one, so let’s hope it works. I don’t want to exchange them forever. However, I don’t want to go back to Roku as it feels so limited. I’m going to start researching alternatives to the WDTV in case this ends up being a dud.

My experience with wdtv has been brief but so far I see lots of potential. I have found that with wdtv I have to be more patient overall with the navigation. I just give the little box time to do it’s thing before jamming it with override controls on the remote or jumping to a hard reset. Usually it works better if I just wait it out. Kinda reminds me of an old D-Link router I had. It worked fine but the more you pushed it, the closer you found it to it’s limits. For $100 these boxes don’t have powerful processors…

I wish that were my issues. The first one would crash in the middle of watching a video. The second one would give a black screen when powered on from sleep. Neither were triggered from UI lag.