Third Party Apps

The EX4 gives the option to install third part apps, but where do we find them? 

Synology provides over 50+ apps for this diskstation and sweeps the floor with the EX4 with respect to what it can do for the pro-consumer. After reading about the diskstation on CNET and investigating more on my own I have come to the conclusion that I made a mistake purchasing the EX4 because of its MAJOR lack of user features and media entertainment options that other companies provide their NAS users

Wow… Excellently posted.

I agree with you 100 percent.  Especially now with the newer diskstation 5 software that just came out that even works on OLDER Synology boxes.  The recent cloud outage just added vinegar onto an already open wound.  

I made a mistake as well going all in on the EX4  and try to use it to the best of it’s ability but I don’t recommend them to anybody I tell them Synology, or Drobo 5N for speed and functionality or for data security fanatics a iXsystems ZFS based NAS.

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Yeah I have to say I was blown away last night when I looked at the Synology SDM software and the apps provided. One of the big ones is the music station which has such a cleaner and better layout than the one incorporated into MyCloud for playing music. In addition, a common feature that I have seen both with Synology and a few other NAS providers is an easy to use access portal for files no matter WHAT TYPE OF DRIVE. Theres no need to port forward, or be limited by device (EX4’s inability to use WD2GO for example). .

WD really needs to look at the competitors and not rip off the ideas that they use but instead build upon upon them to make the product better. I have to say that I saw a post in the regular MyCloud forum saying that they feel like their beta testing the prodcut. After looking at other NAS providers on the market I can truly say I indeed feel like im beta testing a flawed prodcut both with firmware issues and major lack of features for the consumers.

seems to be better, not to act as a beta tester.

maybe the product is usefull in few years …

i will also put the DW EX4 into the trash, the disks i will use on another one.

But, what should i buy ?

i would like to have a system, which you can configure (samba/nfs) on a proper way, without hack into mysql where the data are stored and restored on a reboot.

anyhow …

maybe SynologyDiskStation DS414, i need to check there forum.