Thinking of switching to my book live


i currently own an mybook world hd and as everyone knows it does not support lion at the moment.

I have been considering buying a mybook live for some time now and hve decided to do so.

My question is that my old back ups of my macbook pro are on the mybook world which hasn’t worked since i upgraded to lion on release day.

Do i just forget about the old backups and start fresh with the mb live or do i need to access the mb world to get to the previous backups and transfer them to the new drive.

I hope this isnt too confusing but i’m relatively new to this and am unsure as to what to do


         Any help will be gratefully recieved    Regards  Adrian


Do you mean don’t purchase a mybook  live ?

my only other option is to buy a time capsule which i am told are prone to failure

I have waited long enough for a fix to the  mybook world and need to buy something new.

It depends on you. The My Book Live is a great solid NAS drive with fast performance and new features such as WD 2go (mobile and web app).

The Lion fix for World (white lights) should be out next week. You can either wait, or upgrade to latest with new features.

Many thanks for the advice & i have decided to wait for the updae and take things from there

            Regards Adrian