Thinking of moving from PC to Mac

I’ve currently got a mybooklive rigged up to a very ageing PC running Windows XP. Its upgrade time and I was considering getting a Mac Mini to replace the PC.

I have all my music and movies on the NAS and iTunes reads it fine with XP even though it took a while to set up. Will I be able to do this with a Mac? I read somewhere a while back that I may have to keep all of the media on the Mac, which kind of defeats the object of having a NAS in the first place!

Can anyone help? Cheers.

It will work just fine. I have mine setup that way - library on the MBL.

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Just one more question before I take the plunge: If I set up the MBL to work with a Mac Mini, can I still access the contents from a Win 7 / 8 laptop??

Thanks again!

Yes you can.

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Cheers for help guys. It kinda works apart from a teeny tiny issue. Occasionally, exclamation marks appear next to songs and films in iTunes. As a result, I cant sync this content to iPhones or play over Apple TV. When I click on the song or film, there is a momentary pause and then it plays. The exclamation mark then disappears.

I’ve checked the location of the content and it’s all there but this problem keeps popping up

Can anyone assist? Cheers.

Click preferences, advanced and browse and readd the media folder.