Thinking of connecting MBL to my Lap Top direct ? no response yet to my earlier message,

I am very concerned about the very slow speed of my MyBookLive, possibly not helped by having a first backup of 350gb to do.

I have tried various things all to no avail, so i am wondering, is it possible to connect my Lap Top and MyBookLive up directly, with one cable between the two WITHOUT going through the Router ?, i do of course realise that the cable, which i believe is called a “PATCH”, would have to be changed to a direct  cable, but i am prepared to get one, to see if MY MYBOOKLIVE really IS any good ?.


you can use the same lan cable, MBL will auto detect and switch appropriately.

thanks pal, i had just about found that out for myself, no problem :).

i havent yet plucked up courage enough to actually do it  though LOL