Thinking of buying a WD TV Live Hub

Having tried, without success, to play my backed up DVD’s to my Samsung DLNA LCD a PS3 and XBOX using various PC based conversion programs and media servers, I’ve think the WD TV LIVE HUB may be the way to go.

My requirement is to play my DVD’s backed up using DVDFab over the network (wired and wireless) to my Samsung (wired connection), the PS3 (wireless) and XBOX (wireless). The files are stored on a PC but I don’t mind shifting them to the local hub disk. I don’t want to have to worry about file conversion, audio sync problems, file compatibility issues between devices, jerky video etc. Just want to backup a DVD (ISO seems to the format to use reading this forum) and play it!

So the question is is the DVDFab WD TV LIVE HUB combination the answer?

Many thanks.

Yes, I think so. You can use the hub to play DVD ISO and other video formats available out there. File compatibility is not an issue with the hub cause it play a wide variety of formats so you don’t have to convert your existing videos to a specific file format.

Be careful…  If the SAMSUNG cannot use SAMBA to access the disk, ISO just isn’t going to work  (and VOB probably won’t either.)    If it’s using DLNA, it’s just not going to happen.  You’re going to have to convert to a format supported by the Samsung.

Thanks for the quick replies.

I have played VOB’s on the Samsung but they stop playing after a while. I think that is related to a Igb file limit somewhere.

Presumably if I connect a Hub direct to the Samsung via HDMI I won’t have any issues?


Yes, if you use the hub to play your movies, you don’t have to worry about the issues that concerns you.

OK, so connect the Hub direct to the Samsung and network to the PS3 and XBOX. Use DVDFab to backup DVDs to ISO files and I’m good to go?