Thinking about purchasing

Hi. I’m thinking about getting myself a WDTV Live but theres a few things i’d like to know if it does. I’ve read and watched a few reviews and searched forums, but i’m still not to sure.

I’ve got all my media stored on a WD MyBook Live, in folders called Films, TV, Music and Photos. How will these folders show up on the WDTV?

Will i have to navigate to the drive and i’ll just see the folder structure i’ve created?


Will the WDTV scan the MyBook and ignore my folders, and just organise what it recognises as videos (regardless of film/tv) in to a video folder, all music into a music folder etc and then show me these folders?


And this is what i hope, will it do something similar to plex/boxee etc and scan the folders, find out whats video, then search imdb and the like for video info, and place them in folders of movies and tv along with info and artwork?

I know thats a lot of questions, but i could really do with an answer. My xbox 360 currently looks at the MyBook and just groups all the videos together, which gives me 600+ individual files to look through, which isn’t perfect.

I have the WD Live Plus, I just Share the folders on my computer in my back office.  They are organized as Comedy, Action, Drama, etc.  The WD sees what I have organized ie. only the folders I have shared and the files within the folders.  It does not organize them.  At least, I have not found that option yet.

so, the WDTV sees the folders as you have organised them. You put them in the comedy etc folders and WDTV sees this.

If this is the case this would be acceptable too me. I’d prefer the WDTV to find all the metadata and sort them itself, but aslong as it doesn’t just put all the videos in one folder, thats fine