Thin / squished UI

Hi there.  Just got the WD hub and love it.  I bought the WD due to the ability to hook it to my old SD 4:3 TV.  My only problem is that it seems as the UI is a little squished. The movies play fine and look fine.

For example, the little progress arrow isn’t square, but rectangular.  The movie poster thumbnails are all a little too tall.  I figured it was because it was a 4:3 tv and not 16:9, but I have it set to “normal” not “widescreen” .  I also played with the overscan settings and that did not help.

I have tried several themes to correct the issue, but the thumbnail size seems the same with every theme. 

I currently have it hooked via composite, although my set has component (480i) that I can try to see if it makes a difference.  That component is currently used by my sat box though. and I only have 1 set of component inputs and no switcher.

Any suggestions… Other than buying a new TV?:smiley:


WD Posted an article about this awhile back… let me see if I can find it…

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Thanks.  I was afraid of that.  Guess I have to save my pennies for a new tv.