Thermal Sensor placement in mid-2007 iMac

I am upgrading my mid- 2007 iMac with a Samsung EVO 850 SSD drive. Got the WD IcePack and installed and it’s a perfect fit. My question is this: Is there a specific spot on the SSD where I need to reattach the thermal sensor? This is a 2007 iMac and unfortunately, I cannot use it with the HD sensor that is built in to the SSD. I understand these work with 2009 iMac’s and later. Bear in mind the actual SSD is pointing toward the back of the unit. The IcePack is covering it from the front where the sensor was origionally attached. Thanks in advance for any help.

Hi there,

I have not tried this since i don’t have an iMac, but lets see if another user can share some tips or information that might help on this matter

Thanks. I got the response below from a iFixit forum member, but I would still like to see other responses as there really isn’t much out there on this particular subject.

“Unlike an HD which gets quite hot, a SSD does not get to the same temp. So you have a bit more freedom where to mount the sensor. I would mount the sensor on the metal frame part of the SSD, if it is metal, otherwise near the connector area of the case which tends to get warm.”