There’s no limit to the size of your media collection; just add more USB drives for more space

How do you do this if you cannot use a usb hub? daisychain?

So you’re saying there’s no limit?  Because there is definitely a limit on local drives.

If you use an NAS there’s no limit – you can have as large an NAS as you want (or multiple NAS units).  You can also attach as many drives to your PC as you want, and use net shares there as well.

My own NAS is 3TB but when it gets filled (as it will someday) I plan on adding another one (but that won’t be for a year or two, as I tend to erase movies I know I won’t watch again).

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I think the title is a quote from WD’s marketing pages.

It is indeed a quote from the marketing stuff… implies you can keep adding USB drives… but apparently you can’t use a hub… therefore I was wondering it it supports daisy-chained drives?

No, it does not.

So you can’t daisy chain and you can’t use a hub so how does the “just add more usb drives” work? You can add more if you’ve got 1, but when you’ve got 2 drives already you can’t add more.

As I said, you add as many as you want attached to your computer or NAS.

That’s the whole point of the “Live” – if you don’t use a network you don’t need a Live (just get the plain WDTV).

I’d probably not use net shares (though I still find the fact that the duplicate thumbnail issue hasn’t been resolved a bit of a gripe) but the advantage of the Live version is that I can rip my DVD on my PC and copy the file to the USB HDD attached to the Live over the network rather than have to unplug the usb hdd from the live etc.

As for only being able to attach 2 drives directly to the Live itself… it’s probably not a big problem. I’d initially attach a 1TB drive and by the time that’s full I’d no doubt attach a 2TB or 4TB drive in a year or 2 or 3. Currently I’m using a 320GB HDD in my xbox and that’s probably 60% full so 1TB should last me a while, though I might end up putting more HD content on there which may mean bigger file sizes.

I am still keen on the Live as it seems to solve the majority of my problems and the price is ok at around £84 from Amazon, leaving me with a few issues. Whether those issues would really bother me or not I wouldn’t know until I’d had it setup for a few days or weeks.

It’s a pity there’s nowhere near me where I can go and test one out; always nice to try before you buy.

My ideal solution is xbmc on a PC, but that’s much more costly and no doubt noisy.

I *THINK*, though I’ve never tested this, that you can do this:

Plug in Drive A and B.  

WDTV will create the Media Library Database for A+B.

Remove A and Plug in C.

WDTV will UPDATE the Media Library for A+B+C

So, the database will stay updated for multiple drives?  Maybe.  :)

I responded to this on another thread - your solution is Unraid -

Mix match hard drives with disaster recovery feature.

Just install drives (SATA and/or IDE) drives in a case and boot off USB Unraid.


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I thought I read in a couple reviews that you are allowed to hub this and use several hard drives . . . is this really not the case?

I own a WD Live and love it so far, and am only using  1 USB slot for a 1TB drive but I am filling that baby up fast.

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The Live with the current firmware cannot use a hub.