There is no playable files

After many years of good use I have recently started to receive the following message on all devices… “There is no playable files…”
Devices - Sony Home Theatre/Samsung TV/Sharp TV w/Roku
I have tried to rebuild the database - no change
I have rebooted the drive - no change
I am able to view the files from my computer, Twonky does not report any errors, WD Desktop no errors and all seems to work fine.
Just unable to find or play any files via WD interface.
p/n WDBCT0040HWT-10
Fw - 2.31.183
NetGear WN2000RPTv2
Twonky - V7.2.9-13

Thanks in advance for your help.

Hi Squire_Dude,

You can refer to the link mentioned below in order to resolve the issue.