There is no media in the current folder

I went to Network Shares. Selected my MBP. Clicked enter and then it says there is no media in the current folder…

Which current folder? I haven’t had a chance to point the WDTV in the right direction… I don’t even see where I can set the path…

It may eventually work (somewhat) if you try again, restart the device, pull the plug etc.

But it is not worth the trouble. SAMBA networking on the latest firmwares is heavily flawed, and the only real solution is to roll back to firmware 1.02.21


So far i dont see a valid point made to rollback for that reason. There may be other reason sure. But  the wdlive Mounting works properly if you know what youre doing in the windows networking world.

btw If you want NFS . get custom firmware. wdlxtv

It aint Sambar thats flawed (although sambar **bleep** for other reasons^^) if you have your PERMISSONS

correctly on BOTH windows share and NTFS security Network Mounts work properly and FAST.

Seeing folders but no CONTENT means that you have improper/missing permissions to access the share.

Make sure you have created a user on your computers solely dedicated to be a dummy account for the WDTVLIVE

Mine is called “Stream” (You MUST use passworded users if working with sambar in a windows environment. BLANK passwords will not work  correctly, “anonymous” is FTP world but NOT windows world, ^^)  Dont get confused by the fact that Media Stream Servers seem to work out of the box without usernames and password.(They use accounts that are not usable by a person , on a system level basis)

“Stream” is also the user u enter in your WDTV LIVE dialog if asked for user and pw to access network shares.

My permissions settings include :  EVERYONE ADMINISTRATOR GROUP, NETWORK, SYSTEM, HOMEGROUP, HOME USERS, STREAM (the dummy user) with only Admin group having full access.

If required by your OS Version and Security Setup NTFS security settings will have direct impact on what you can

display also over LAN.  Set your NTFS persmissons for the folder to be shared according to above users and dont 

remove any extra items that might already have been placed by windows itself. Make sure you have “APPLY” and let the permissons be written to all files and subdirectories.

99.9% of every problem concerning shares is about permissions.

(Hey WD the device has a webpage under ) which gives me one thing to 

configure…i can set “FRIENDLY NAME” for my Device… LAWL. )  Now im confused …theres webserver

functionality in the vanilla firmware ?! But WD aint adding any features …**bleep** on at least a virtual remote

control and a mirror of what the (sluggish ) OSD offers should be a no brainer since all these things already

exists in custom firmware made by people that dont get paid to do that job.) 

Ok so the folder your WD is refering to it your movie folder on your MBP.

I found i not oinly needed to share the folder…but i had to share the contents by clicking on the …apply to enclosed items option.

but this is the kicker…its the firmware that is ■■■■…even if you share the folder and it works…the files that used to play within it wont work anymore…and ifg you restart tyhe machine…you lose the network shares!!

just roll back…the new firmware is a world of pain