There is no media in the current folder

Running Windows XP on 3 machines…all can see each others files and the wdtvlive usb share no problem.  The wdtvlive can see the names of the machines and log on, but that’s as far as it gets.  Any attempt to browse the shares, either from the video/photo/music menus or from settings/folders gives the following error:

“There is no media in the current folder.”

Have searched for similar problems but there doesn’t seem to be a solution.

Update, I can now see files & folders on 1 of my 4 XP machines.  With this machine, the wdtvlive device never asked for a username/password, so I am thinking it logged on to this machine anonymously.  I had to tweak the permissions to get it to see all the files/folders, but it seems to be able to see everything now on this one machine.  The other machines apparently are not accepting anonymous login.

I have a similar problem, have tried setting permissions etc with no luck.

All I could play were sample videos in the Public folder of my Vista PC, I moved videos to this folder.

On the XP Home PC, I copied a dvd to the Shared folder, which then played with no problem.

Probably not a good suggestion if you have lots of video, music and pic’s already on your PC’s.

Here’s a few things you could try to get it working:

  1. First of all try to get it working with a local account, not anonymously. I don’t know how you have configured your PCs/network shares, but try to make a new account with a simple name and password, with no uppercase/numbers/special characters: something like wdtvlive / wdtvlive. I almost pull my hair our for a couple weeks over this one, until I found out that I couldn’t logon to my local account because I used a password with uppercase letters, a couple numbers and a space, and for some reason that wouldn’t work from the wdtvlive.

If still you can’t make it work with your local account/s you’ll have to go to control panel/system/administrative tools/local security policies, and then under local policies/security options look for this entry: " Accounts: Limit local account use of blank passwords to console logon only", and disable it. Then you can try to use an account without password or log anonymously.

  1. Check the permissions on both the network shares *and* the file system (NTFS). It may very well happen that you are checking just one or the other. A good practice is allowing read control (or even full control) to the “Everyone” group on your network shares, and then set the NTFS permissions to restrict access to the user group. To troubleshoot this, you could temporarily give full access on both to the “Everyone” group, though not as a permanent setting.

  2. Check your firewall and see if the rules that give access to file/printer sharing etc… are enabled, same with network discovery etc… Again as a troubleshooting measure you could temporarily disable the firewall, but again only to check for a problem, not as a permanent setting.

Ah, just bought and installed thw wdtv live and I’m having the same problem.

  1. I have an XP Home Pro-SP3 server

  2. With folder shared with read permissions to “everyone” and full control to specific users.

  3. Very simple user names and passwords with no special chars. 

  4. guest login disabled

  5. No firewall/antivurs set (MS firewall disabled)

  6. All other PC (XP, vista & W7) can see the shares from the server

  7. Wired newtork connection

intitally the WDTv did niot eveb see any server name, then reading on the forum I enabled the network DDE/DDm services and now it can see the server but I get the “no media in current folder”.

My media files are in  subfolders, nit a the top level, but i cannot see the subfolders either.

Any suggestions on what to check next ?



I’m not using Windows, but my SMB shares have the guest account enabled and allow read only for guests.

WDTV-L works fine with that.

Perhaps, try with the guest access enabled?