There is no media in the current folder problem

when to stream media from my mac to my wd tv live i got a problem.

i used this tutorial to set up the network shar function im working on mac

now i got 1 main folder called downloads wich has more folder with media in it like movies, series, anime ect.

when i click on some of the folders it just open fine and leads me to the other folder with the outcome of a file to play.

however i have now 1 folder where i store all my anime in it and when i click on it i get the error no media in the current folder.

while there is enough anime with video files in it.

can somebody help me to solve this problem.

the map structure goes as follow the main map downloads->anime->naruto(for example)-> all episodes 

while the movie map is working just fine Downloads->movies->pirates of the caribbean->movie file


The video tutorial linked on your post is for Mac OS 10.5 and 10.6, and does not work on Mac OS 10.7 onwards as SMB is no longer enabled by default. It was disabled by Apple.

If you are using an Apple system with Mac OS 10.7 onwards, then I would recommend using a DLNA Media Server instead.

Additionally, if you are an advanced user, you may follow these instructions at your own risk: