There is no media in the current folder please help

Hi, I just set up my new WD TV Live Hub Media Player, updated the firwmare and plugged in my 2tb external drive. It compiled the media but when I access a folder and try playing a movie it says “There is no media in the current folder” My Movies are mostly MKV format which played fine on my WD TV Live Media player. Please help.

Update: I unplugged the external from the media player, plugged it back in and had it compile the media again. I can now play movies. What do you think happened?

I can’t really say what happened, but it happens to me half the time when I turn it on.

The hub tells me that there’s no media in the current folder, going back to the main screen and back into my movie folder seems to solve it.

I appreciate the info. I’m glad I’m not alone cause I became concerned. I never had this issue with the TV Live. Perhaps an update will fix this?

I have the same problem. The only way i can access my videos is to shut it off completely and turn it back on.

This really **bleep**.

Oh, and i don’t even use an external drive. It’s the internal 1TB drive that keeps giving me this error message.

It usually happens when i don’t access the folder immediately after turning the WD TV Live Hub on…

Hi, I had the same problem after I formatted the internal drive, and replaced my 10 films, the films were on the internal drive, but no media found ? After a play around  I did a device reset back to factory setting in the system menu the hub registers the films were there on the main screen videos 10  but still no media found , removed / replaced the power cable  and all the films are now back all the time ? Hope this helps !

This is an issue that I am having as well… I really hope that WD is working to fix this.