There is no media in current folder

Hallo I saw that there are some posting about this error, but none of them seems to give a proper solution.

I am using the WD TV Live Hub with the internal drive of 1 TB. In the internal drive a have 2 folders “photo”, “movies”. In the “movies” I have a folder for each movie, where I have the movie files. In the photo folder I have some other folder that contain photos.

The movies work fine, but when I try to open the photos I get the error message.

It depends… If you use Video from the main Menu selection and If you are trying to view Movie files in Photo folder it will give you “No media in the current folder” as there is no Movie to display in the Photo Folder.

In your photo folders, you need to make sure each and every directory has some supported Photo files, If your main directory has sub directories, then make sure that the main folder has some supported Photo files, and your sub directories also must have some additional supported Photo files like JPG etc; etc;

But your problem could be that Media library needs to be rebuild, Please clear the media library and let it recompile the media library again to see if it rectifies your problem.