There is no media error

I bought a WD TV Live Hub a few days ago. After the initial setup (cables etc), it immediately wanted to update the firmware to version 2.08.13. I let it finish that, upon which I did the rest of the setup (manual networking settings, time/daylight savings etc). As this was a new device, I didn’t really expect anything to show up before I had copied something to it myself over the network. The Video/Music/Photos menus showed nothing when I selected them, only the “There is no media” message. So, I went on to connect to its network share. That’s when I noticed it actually had a samples folder, which contained videos, music and pictures. I decided to go back to the hub and try again, but nothing would show up anywhere - not even the Files category wanted to let me see anything, giving the same error as before. So I used the restart function of the device. Oddly enough, after that restart, pictures and music popped up in their respective categories, but still no videos. Getting tired of files not showing up, I went to my PC and deleted the entire samples folder and copied some other video files to it instead. That popped up the “Compiling” message, but the Hub still refused to show anything in Videos once it disappeared. It did show a count for new files in Videos, however. I also tried powercycling it a few times with no luck, so I took a break of about an hour. After the break, I powercycled it again. Suddenly some (not all) of the files had popped up in the Videos category and it would let me play them. So I tried copying more files to the hub to see what would happen. The most recent files did not show up immediately, but the rest of the older files did. After doing more “Compiling”, the file list was still lacking, so I put things on hold and enabled standby. When I got back later, the rest of the files had actually showed up as well. Ever since, the hub has let me add files that show up, although very slowly. The hub can do a “Compile” and still miss files that are fully transferred, forcing needless waiting time before they all show up on yet another “Compile”. Ultimately, I have no idea what really triggered the hub to start wanting to show files at all. I’m just glad it works now, even though it’s slow. It’s just not very intuitive or user friendly that files require minutes to show up after the transfer has been completed. At the very least, the hub software should have had a function to force an update, but it doesn’t. I know quite a number of other people on these forums have had issues with “There is no media” as well, so I sure hope WD are looking into it.

When I put new files in my network drive, the WD TV live Hub, shows the files right away. Must be a network issue.

Can you give us more information of your network setup?

All my PCs (3x) are running Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit, with 10/100Mbit networking adapters. One has a Gigabit adapter, but it’s set up to force 100Mbit, since my networking switch only supports 10/100. Granted I’ve had some issues with Homegroup setup on these machines, where one PCs often wouldn’t see one of the others, but that’s sort of off-topic - the WD Hub always shows up in the networking list on all PCs and I’m able to copy files just fine. Considering the files are shown on the hub just fine (through Explorer’s networking view of the hub), just not in the hub’s video list for some time, I can’t see why this would be a networking related issue. Unless Windows keeps the file ‘open’ for a long time after the transfer has completed, of course. But that seems rather unlikely. In any case, it’s not preventing me from viewing files indefinitely, as stated. It just takes a while. Plus, considering the sample files didn’t show up when the device was new out of the box, it seems to me it’s more of a software issue than anything else.

FungusMental wrote:
 One has a Gigabit adapter, but it’s set up to force 100Mbit, since my networking switch only supports 10/100.

Don’t do that.   If your switch only supports 10/100, then your PC should negotiate 100.   If you force the PC to 100 without simultaneously forcing the switch to FULL DUPLEX, you’re begging for problems.

Not that it is the source of any of your issues, it’s just not good networking practice.  ;)