There is no media available for playback

So I currently have 3 WDtv players that I have connected to an external hard drive through network shares.  Two of the three are having no problem accessing all 3 folders in my shared drive (music, videos, old videos).  One wdtv player can view all the files in all three folders, but when I attempt to play a file from the “videos” folder I get “there is no media available for playback”.  It’s strange because it doesn’t have any problem playing video files in my “old video” folder, it’s just the "videos’ folder that has the issue.  I feel like it must be a setting on my computer, but I’ve checked and all folders are shared.  Any suggestions on how to fix this?  This only recently started happening so I’m not sure what went wrong…


Take a look at this link. hope it helps.

Unfortunately, it appears as though the folders are all being shared to “everyone” so I guess this isn’t the issue.  Perhaps I should reset the factory settings on wdtv and try to set it up again?

So I think I figured out what was going on here.  The main folder was in fact being shared with wdtv so that’s why I could open the folder and view all the subfolders within the shared folder.  The subfolders were not being shared however and that’s why WDTV kept giving me the error.  My question is, how do I ensure that whenever I add media to that folder that the folder within is also shared with WDTV without manually having to go to my computer to share it (I add content remotely to this folder).

It’s odd that the sub-folders aren’t being shared.  When I create a shared folder using Windows, I notice all sub-folders are automatically shared.  Are you using Windows to create your sub-folders?

It’s also odd that 2 of your 3 players have no problem, but one of them does, which points to the player as being the problem.

Is this problem happening under media library?  If you just use shares, does the problem go away?

The reason I ask, is because I have the same problem using media library, but if I use shares, there’s no problem.  Also my problem is only happening on one server, but works fine on 3 other servers.

I suspect media library has some flaws in their database somewhere that causes these kinds of intermittent problems.

I am using Windows to create the subfolders, and I’m also just using windows shares, not the media library function

It very well could be just this player.  I tried a factory reset to see if that would solve the problem, but no luck.  It also won’t play certain file types that my other WDtv sets have no problem playing, but according to these forums, that isn’t that uncommon.  I’ve read a simple reset might work.

I’m wondering if it isn’t a network issue.  I am going to have a tech guy come out and have a look.

Thanks for your help