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I now have 3 x 3TB MBL, all with different names. They are now connected to a new Cisco Gigabit Ethernet switch, together with my laptop running Win7 (64 bit). Apart from file copying being INCREDIBLY SLOW between the units or between any of them and my computer - or even when moving files about on the one drive!! - one of the units won’t let me write new files to it consistently. Copying files from my computer to to this MBL works for maybe a 100Mb or so then gives “There is a problem accessing T:\Shared Music…” - ie. it reports an error on the MBL folder it is copying to. Choosing ‘Try Again’ or ‘Skip’ has no effect. Manually accessing the folder through Windows Explorer, however, works fine. Copying from the MBL works fine (albeit slow!), but copying to it doesn’t.

Diagnostic tests on the units all run OK, firmware has been successfully updated on all units. I have checked permissions and security, and all is fine (indeed setup the same on all 3 drives). All drives have at least 200Gb spare disk space. I have turned remote access off, and disabled the FTP server, the iTunes server and Twonky but none of this makes a difference.

The only difference between the drives I can see is that the drive that’s giving me the write problems has large numbers of small files on it, whereas the other 2 don’t (the problem drive has all my backup files on it and all my music, whereas the other 2 only have large movie files). Does this contribute to the problem, I don’t know?

Trolling through the forums, others have reported the problems I am having but I have yet to find a satisfactory solution. The solutions that have been proposed I have tried, including upgrading from a Router to the Gigabit switch in the hope my problems would be fixed, but no such luck.

Is any able to PLEASE help me with these problems - it is killing me that I have all this network storage available but that it is is so slow and unreliable!!

Try reading the WebDAV FAQ:

Thank you for your very prompt reponse! C

Checking this, my 3 drives are already showing as “Microsoft Windows Network”, so WebDAV is probably not my problem.

Any other suggestions?