There is a way to play MKV file with external sound track?

The MKV file contains DTS Audio and my Home theater not support DTS, there is a way to play the MKV file, and select AC3 Audio file in the audio list? i mean i will put 2 files in the same folder Movie1.mkv, Movie1.aac

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Sadly, I don’t think the WD TV supports external audio files in the way you describe.

My home theater system is ancient and also does not support DTS.  My usual solution is to run the MKV file through HeartWare’s Audio Converter:

It is pretty straightforward to use and will convert the DTS audio to AC3, then output a new MKV file.  You can even keep the original DTS track within the MKV so that if you upgrade your home theater in the future, your files will have both formats.  The process only takes a few minutes.

If you already have the AC3 audio track and just want to include it within the same MKV, that is also very easy.

Download MKVtoolnix and use MKVmerge GUI.

Add your existing MKV as an input file.  Then add the new AC3 audio track. Change the audio stream order so that AC3 is before the DTS stream (AC3 will be played as default). 

Set the output folder and click ‘Start Muxing’.  It will create a new MKV with both DTS and AC3. The process will only take a minute or so. 

Sounds good, thanks!

i am by no means a pro at *ANY* of this yet, but learning as i go along-

you can get TSMuxer and load the m2ts file and choose the audio track you want. You can have it mux the HD-DTS track (which in your case you DONT want) or you can choose the AC-3 track or you can even choose the 2 CH. stereo track.

I have had excellent luck with TSMuxer. very easy program to use and have had zero problems with it.  You can download it HERE

this will convert the video *and* audio stream to the mkv file you want.

Hope this helps.

Actually Ts muxer will simply mux the additional stream into the MKV (can also be done with MKVToolnix) thus saving you wasted time from converting DTS to AC3.

Does TSmuxer output MKV containers?  I’m looking at the GUI and don’t see that option…

I’ve had very mixed results with M2TS containers and would not recommend it over MKV.  YMMV but the only benefit I’m aware of is better support for Dolby TrueHD audio streams in M2TS (not needed here).  

Apparently I’m getting confused by the plehtora of tools out there. TSMuxer handles MKV but does not output to it so MKVToolnix is the way to go.