There is a problem accessing Z:\etc - Make sure you are connected to the network and try again

I’ve been trying to copy my backup file to the the MyCloud 3tb and it gives the message in the subject, if I skip the file it will just come up with the same error about another location.

Why is this? It’s a mapped network location and works fine for quite a long time, with files being copied, then it just throws up this error.

Gets through about 80+Gb before it throws up an error. Very odd. Have restarted router and mycloud, still the same issue.


Try remapping the share.

Have done that as well, doesn’t seem to make a difference. Have copied straight into the network folder without mapping but still no go.

Kind of wondering if my router is at fault as I’ve had Internet drop out at least once a day now, comes back on when I reboot the router. Very suspicious.