Themes: SteArm 1-8 (Final) - 1st March 2015


Hello brazuca,

I have added services to the home screen like you requested. I have also made some more changes (screenshots on the first page), I had an update ready which just needed a bit of tiding up and I didn’t see the point keep altering an older version, so you might see some things that don’t line up properly that I have missed. If you do just post a message and I will fix it.


SteArm - Number (148.31 KB)


Thanks again Stephen.


Hi there!

First off - GREAT work - big thanks :slight_smile:

Currently I am using this theme:

And I would like to use this view:

BUt I have no idea how to do this…

I read the above “instructions” that you posted but I just can’t make heads or tails of it…

Any chance you could package up a download for me so I can just download it and install?

Mochi Theme 7x3 gallery view

Hello jmhenry5150,

Blimey! The bottom screenshot is a blast from the past I did it almost a year ago.

I have added that view/xml and saved it as a zip file for you, but personally I wasn’t happy with the navigation speed, so I have added a second zip file with a full-screen corner to corner 8x3 view/xml for you to try out. That’s if you want too, it’s faster and looks better.

Both of the themes are modified 6.2 versions, so it’s got Services on the home screen.

If you have any problems with the theme, just post another message and I will try to help you out.


SteArm - Number 6.2 (jmhenry5150) - (223.36KB)

SteArm - Number 6.2 (8x3) - (154.92KB)



Wow big thanks - however if I wanted to use the screen above (without services - what do I do?)

I really like the slick basic interface and don’t want any unneeded options…

Could you package that one up?


Hello jmhenry5150,

Not a problem the new links are below.

SteArm - Number 6.2 (No Services) (jmhenry5150).zip - 210.62KB

SteArm - Number 6.2 (No Services) (8x3).zip - 152.31KB


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Awesome thanks - I will install tonight!!!


Hi, I just come here to show my big support!! 

The theme you made is the best theme I ever used. Pls keep going and I’m looking forward  new version!!


Agreed - this theme is great because you don’t have to use Moviesheets, etc…

I especially like the 10x3 grid - but yes there are slowdowns…I can live with them tho…



Hi stearm , I like the two zip files you made for jmhenry5150, and i have two questions about 8x3 and 10x3 views:

1 Can movies 's name be shown in that views? ?

2 My movies are storing like this:  


 --Movies 1 


  --Movies 2


I 'm a Chinese and  wdtv smp/hub can’t get movies information in Chinese (I have changed the system language but it can’t help). So I named the movie folders by movie name  in Chinese . And my questions is: Can movies 's folder name be shown in that views ?  

Sorry for my poor English…

and Many thanks~ 


Hello huntanzi85 and jmhenry5150,

I would like to thank you both for the compliments I appreciate them.


I have redone the 8x3 for you this time either the folder names or the movie names will be displayed at the bottom of each thumbnail or folder. The text of the highlighted thumbnail should scroll if the title is to long. I haven’t done another 10x3, instead I’ve done another 8x3 where the highlighted thumbnail is larger. The folder or movie name is in the bottom left corner. This second one is a bit sluggish, unfortunately the only way I could increase the speed is to remove text="@@focused_title" from the xml which removes the folder or movie name.

If you are not happy with these you could try my original version which is a 6x2 with the folder name or movie name displayed underneath the highlighted thumbnail.

If these are not what you wanted or if you have any problems with them just post a message and I will try to help you out.


SteArm - Number 6.2 (huntanzi85) (8x3 Titles).zip (147.1KB)                  SteArm - Number 6.2 (huntanzi85) (8x3 pop).zip (146.14KB)                                   


SteArm - Number (148.31 KB)

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Very impressive Stearm, all three of those views look awesome. I particularly like the second one where the covers are brighter and  the selected movie pops out with the size increase.

Great stuff



Stephen. You could put the icon “Services” in Home in SteArm 6.3?



Hello brazuca,

I’ve added the Services icon to the Home Screen of 6.3 (Linksheets) the reason I didn’t add the Services icon is that I simply don’t use it.

If you are have the SMP you are limited to a theme under 30mb which is only around 90-100 linksheets, this is because I used 8-bit png’s for the linksheets.


SteArm 6.3 (Linksheet) (Services).zip (21.14MB)


Ok. tks again Stephen

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Hi, I have just tried the theme you gave to me and it’s awesome!! and I have some question:

1,  As you know, the srolling speed of 10x3 is slower than 8x3. Is it because  that the more pictures are shown or some other reasons?

2  In your theme, I think the resolution of thumbnail is little bit lower than original theme, Is that why your theme is running faster  ?

3 About second theme, I thinke the way you display the  folder / movie name is very good, It looks better than the first one.

So can you use the way in the first theme? I mean the no pop thumbnail and name in the bottom left corne. Maybe it’s faster than second and looks better than first. 

4 When I push the green button of remoter, I can select the filters. The folder name is only be displayed in “folder view”.

So can it be displayed in “all  view”? That is the exactly what I want.  I can see the movies name in Chinese by displaying the  names of folder.

Thx again ~~~


Hello huntanzi85,

  1. I think there is a limit of the image="@@browse_0_thumbnail" that can be used. With the 8x3 pop the last one is image="@@browse_23_thumbnail" and there is a maximum of 48 thumbnails displayed on the screen at once. 24 static and 24 active thumbnails. When the text="@@focused_title" which is for the folder/movie name is removed the speed is fast in either All or Folders filters. But with the 10x3 the last one is image="@@browse_29_thumbnail" and all of the 30 thumbnails are active and the speed is slow. I even made the thumbnails static and in the Folder filter it is still very slow.

  2. The resolution of the thumbnails in the above three screenshots and including the 10x3 use the same 220x330. I just use different scale commands to get the different sizes I want. The original 6.2 is faster simply because there is less thumbnails.

  3. I agree with you the first one does look at bit of a mess. I have done another 8x3 for you put the folder/movie name in the bottom left hand corner.

  4. Ahhh. I think I’ve found a solution to your problem. I created a blank mkv file and named it 十二生肖.mkv which I think is the Jackie Chan movie Chinese Zodiac and ran it though ThumbGen with the Chinese language selected in the options. But when I tried it on my WDTV Hub all the movie information was in English. What I did was to open the 十二生肖.xml file and alter and . I then cleared the Media Library.

十二生肖 是由成龙担任导演并主演的动作电影,以一群赏金猎手追逐圆明园十二生肖兽首铜像为题材。外景地包括巴黎、北京、台湾、香港、澳洲、拉脱维亚等地。

I copied the overview info from the Chinese Zodiac wiki page. The only problem is unless you can find a Chinese movie scrapper which is compatible with the WDTV Hub/SMP you will have to alter all of this yourself. I would still try ThumbGen because it did recognise the movie in it’s Chinese text.

And the same as before if you have any problems just post a message and I will try to help you.


SteArm 6.2 (huntanzi85) (8x3 Focused Title).zip (144.44KB)



Hi stearm, Thx for your hard work, I really appreciate that 

About the Chinese scrapper.

Before I use the wdtv smp, I used XBMC on PC and its scrapper also get movie information in TMDB .It definitely can get it in Chinese.The conclusion is: TMDB support Chinese and have movie information in Chinese and it ‘s  the wdtv’s problem. I have searched the forum for solution but unfortunately failed. What I found is somebody make a Portuguese scrapper, I modified it but it doesn’t work. ( )


Stephen the icon “services” is not appearing in the menu. If you prefer to send me only the xml files.


Hello brazuca,

That’s strange I tried the SteArm 6.3 (Linksheet) (Services).zip download link and Services are included. But I added a new link for you below for the theme SteArm 6.3 (Linksheet) (Services) but there are no demo linksheets included, so it’s only 128KB. The files used for the Home Screen if you are interested are:



Again if you are interested I’m been messing about with a new Home Screen. But I haven’t made my mind up about the backgrounds, the position of the bar or to have the non highlighted tabs/buttons semi-transparent or just shaded. But you can try it out if you want to.

Both of the download links below are linksheet themes, but they don’t have any demo linksheets included.


SteArm 6.3 (Linksheets)(Services).zip (128.19KB)

SteArm 6.3 (Linksheets)(Bar).zip (2.61MB)

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