Themes: SteArm 1-8 (Final) - 1st March 2015

Hello nath999, I’m glad you like it.

If you copy or rename the preview page to the video browse page it will still looks the same so I’ve done four xml’s for you to try out. All you have to do is to copy the contents of the folders you like to the Mochi Shade Colour WIP2 directory on the Hub. (10kb) (with default icons) (10.25KB)


 10x3 preview                                                                                                     10x4 preview


 8x3 dots                                                                                                              8x3 pop dots

Thank you.



hi stearm

Very nice work on your theming!

I like this idea

it makes a whole lot of sense to a view mode like this and i like the in active look of the covers.

Very well done and i can only imaging how this rocks with a beamer.

8x3 pop dots


I have just posted a new update on the first page. And thank you DeVicious and architectonic for you comments.



The new version is working fine on Live SMP.



Hello nottlle,

Thank you for trying it out on your Live SMP and for your support with the download link you did.

In a earlier post you wrote ‘Sorry for my english’. If you want I can change the text labels to your own language, it wouldn’t be any problem.


stearm wrote:

Hello nath999, I’m glad you like it.

If you copy or rename the preview page to the video browse page it will still looks the same so I’ve done four xml’s for you to try out. All you have to do is to copy the contents of the folders you like to the Mochi Shade Colour WIP2 directory on the Hub. (10kb)

10x3 preview - Same as the preview page with preview windows replaced by extra thumbnails.

10x4 preview - Same size as above with the information at the top of the screen replaced by a row of thumbnails.

8x3 dots - Same style as the video browse page but full screen. But it has white dots in the top left hand corner.
8x3 pop dots - Same as above with the highlighted thumbnail larger than the rest. But it has white dots all over the place.

I tried using the NoWhiteDots that JoeySmyth did for me, but navigation was slow when there is 24 thumbnails onscreen only returning to normal speed when they were less. I will find out later what the limit is.

Thank you.


Wow Stephen this is really impressive, you went above and beyond for me and I really appreciate it.  Sorry it took me so long to respond, wasn’t home for a bit.

I tried all of the variations that you gave me and i really loved the 10x3 preview and the 8x3 dots. I couldn’t defineitvely choose one so i just put two different versions of Mochi Shade Colour WIP on my hub. 

Thanks a lot again.

Hello Nath999.

You don’t need two separate theme folders you can just rename one of the xml’s. For example if you didn’t like or want the original preview view you could rename the 10x3 preview’s xml from rv_video_browse_page.xml to rv_preview_browse_page.xml. You’ll now have both of the views you like, the only thing is that you hear the video playing in the background.

I’ve done a few more to try out if you want to. To use them it’s the same as before, copy the contents of the folders to your hub. (6kb) (with default icons) (6.5KB)


 8x3 smaller dots                                                                                              8x3 titles

 8x2 bookmarks                                                                                                 7x4 dots music

 7x4 titles music                                                                                                8x3 preview music

I needed some music files to test the xml’s. So I downloaded a blank mp3 from and the covers are from Amazon UK. The link is below if you need them. (640KB)

22nd August

Just found a way to remove all of the white dots with no loss of speed. Two xml’s a 8x3 (same as above) and a 10x3. ztrust - nowhitedots (3kb)



I am new to the theme world, so please excuse my ignorance. I was looking for a theme similar to the default Mochi theme that would allow me to have moviesheets or something similar.  (I haven’t had time to test this theme yet, because I am at work, but am anxious to try it out when I get home.)

Looking at the picture below, where does the theme pull this information from?

Note: I have tried out BlackMamba, but removed it because I didn’t like the slow response time for the movie sheets to pop up. I also had an issue with the movie sheet constantly refreshing.

ETA: Is there a way to keep the default  Mochi Dashboard screen with the box views?

Hello ParlV,

In the picture I used files in the ‘Movie Demo Folder’ from JoeySmyth’s Alaska Resurgence Theme.

The theme I have done doesn’t use moviesheets and I use the .xml files that ThumbGen creates to get the movie information. My Hub isn’t connected to the internet so I don’t know the internal scraper is like, but it should have no problem displaying the information created.

To keep the orginal Mochi Dashboard just delete the rv_home.xml and all of the png files with ‘main’ in the filename in the image folder. If you want to keep the original Mochi background then rename RV-BG.jpg to RV-BGL.jpg. Go back the xml’s and change to in the rv_list_browse_page.xml and rv_preview_browse_page.xml files.

Note: When I tried the BlackMamba 1.5 theme myself. I only used the demo files that DeVicious included because I don’t have any moviesheets/backgrounds. I found the speed good, go to the film I’m interested in. 2 seconds later the moviesheet would be displayed. I thought it was great.
If you go into Setup->Photo Settings->Slideshow Interval Time and change it from 3 seconds to 5 minutes that should stop it from constantly refreshing.


Hello, just an update.

Thank you,


is there any way to replace the movie covers from “videos” and replace with my own ?

Hello jeffndani,

You can change the movie covers with your own. I use Gimp.

Load up main_videos_icon_n.png from the image folder. The image colour has been indexed so you will have to change it to RGB by doing Image>Mode and select RGB.

The size of the movie covers I use are 220x330. Copy over the covers with your own and when you have replaced them load up video_gallery_thumbnail_bg.png which is in the image>Video folder and then cover your movie covers. You don’t have to do this, but I used it as a frame. Then overwrite main_videos_icon_n.png file.

What I did with the png files was to load them onto a website called and save the output. If I didn’t the navigation speed of the dashboard/frontend would have been sluggish.

Then copy over the original main_videos_icon_n.png file.


Again love the views, i noticed when i don’t have cover art for a movie it’s black and you couldn’t know if there is something else in a folder unless you scroll over, is there a way you can put a picture for the movies that are not tagged yet? 

Hello Jersue,

Which version of my theme are you using. In the newer themes that I have done, any movies that aren’t tagged should have the default icons displayed instead.


If it is an older theme you could add


to each line were there is an

image="@@browse_0_thumbnail"  0,1,2,3,

and change the numbers on the default_thumbnail_ to match each of the browse_ _thumbnail values.

If I have misunderstood you please post another message and I will try to sort it out.


Hello, just an update.

Thank you,


Great theme. It just keeps getting better and better. I noticed the offers button is missing from your theme and when I scroll where it should be, the default blue box appears at the top left. If anyone is interested, I’ve replaced this blue box with a red offers corner flag that looks quite good. Just place this in the themes images folder and give it a try. Link below:

Nice themes. Keep up the good work. Played around with all of them and the Xbox theme is the one I like the most, I like the different ways you can view your video info. Any more improvements are welcomed keep the updates coming as you improve please. Loving the work your doing so far.

Suggestion… You can make the home/menu page more Xbox / Windows 8 themed?

I actually used your work to change the default theme so that one of the page views (list) also showed a big image of the cover art. Thanks.

If you dont want " WD OFFERS" to display at all … open and edit  inc_rv_home_menu_node.xml

delete the code in yellow  (additionly, you can delete code for other menu items you don’t need or use)



<?xml version="1.0"?>               <button valkey="RV_HOME_MENU_NEW_PROMOTE"         name="Special Offers"         normal_bg="image/main_promotion_icon_n.png"         focused_bg="image/main_promotion_icon_f.png"         disabled_bg="image/main_promotion_icon_n.png"/>                                                            

@ JoeySmyth I think it works not on the newest Firmware.