Themes & Moviesheets - *HELP NEEDED*

Frist off, let me apologise for what will be a common query on these forums… the ol’ how do I do this thread. Please believe me when I say I have read what I believe to be all I can read and attempted all I can attempt, which is why I turn for help. 

What I fear but also hope is I’ll lay out my issue and the first post will be a link to the resolution. Here goes…

I have had my WD TV Live Streaming Media Player for over a year or so and never even thought about themes or upgradings its use, until a couple days ago and I have tried everything since.

First of all, my set up is as follows; 


WD TV Live Streaming Media Player (3rd Gen)

FW: 2.01.86

Part#: WDBGXT0000NBK

The WD TV box is connected to tinternet (via wifi) and tv (via HDMI cable)

I have my 2x 2TB external harddrives connected to my PC which streams my varying media via Mezzmo over the wifi connection. 


The mechanics I have never had an issue with, it sometimes skips and freezes, but nothing I cant handle. Its ever since I have attempted to enter the world of Moviesheets and Metadata that I have drowned magnificently. 

Here is what I have tried already; 

(these were all advised by YouTube vidoes or various posts on websites)

-Installing modded firmware or wdtvlx firmware

(attempted this many times… FAT32 USB, .bin, .ver and .fff files - put USB in and hard reset the device, when the device restarts, it’ll know there is a new firmware and request an update - never did)

-Changing Themes

(this i can do quite succesfully, have changed many themes, currently using TITAN but think I read somewhere that that doesnt work with Moviesheets, and given this is my whole reason for going down this path, will need to change)


(this took a while for me to work out… my files in my HD currently look something like this…)

–Film  (folder)

----Not Seen  (folder)

--------12 Years A Slave  (folder)

----------------12yearsaslave.mkv  (file)

--------2 Guns







So i think to get it to work, I needed to remove the film folders so in the Not Seen Folder, just have the files of the films straight away, no further folders. So i attempted that, generated moviesheets (which added a .xtml and a .jpeg. I renamed them so they were all the same…







but when i went back to WD TV Live, the films would have shiny new posters but no metadata or backdrop. It would just show 6 items, whereas above there should technically only be two. 

I tried other metadata things such as Sickbeard and Media Center Manager (or something like that) and each one produced the same result. 

Basically, after all the above rambling, I _think _i can get the metadata into my filing system on the HDs, I have also looked in the settings of Mezzmo and checked it knows to pass on metadata but whatever I try it never shows in WD TV Live Streaming. 

Have i downloaded the wrong things? Is it the firmware I currently have? Or am I just doing something completely wrong?

I would love to get someones help on this matter. Even if someone has the heart to instant message me for 15mins I would be eternally grateful. Post below or PM if thats easier. I know that when I get my head round this it will all fall into place, its just getting to that stage… thats the hard bit :slight_smile:

just realised, this may be in the wrong section of the website… please move if needed. Apologies. 

Hope I can be of Help.

I use the Mojo Theme on my WDTV.  This was designed by Tinwarble and by doing a search you can find the thread in this community all about his theme and other updates.

I have put this together:

Check it out and see if you can get it to work.  You will find a 130mb download file with Thumbgen updated and ready to go.

Once setup it all seems to work straight forwardedly enough for me.

Let me know if you need more help.

As a further update, I have my ‘current playing files’ attached to my WDTV SMP via a portable 500GB HDD.

Possibly many problems come from networking rather than by having an attached drive.  ThumbGen and movie sheets may be one of these problems.  It works fine with the attached drive.

As I download a new file, I create the movie sheets etc that go with the download and then wirelessly transfer the folder across to the HDD via my wireless network.

here’s what I read as the problem

first off there are 2 ways to implement moviesheets.

  1. moviesheets with xml file

– this is officially supported

– Titan Live does support this

– but regardless of what theme you use this method does not work with DNLA, which is the protocol mezzmo uses

  1. moviesheets via linksheets method

– not officially supported

– on SMP you will need custom firmware to do this

– but linksheets method does support DNLA, like mezzmo

– but Titan Live does not support Linksheets (unless you edit the theme yourself)

so you have 2 possible solutions

change the protocol you use to either smb or nfs, so that officialy supported methods work


install custom firmware and edit the theme and set up linksheets

Thanks for everyones help on this matter. its starting to whittle me down!

but it makes sense that the setup I currently have just flat out doesnt work because I have tried everything and moviesheets never work. 

with that in mind, is there an alternative to Mezzmo that can run files from my PC over the wifi to the boxset? or is any alternative still going to be DNLA? 

I only ask because I really do not want to have to put any film or show on a USB and carry that over to the boxset each time I want to watch something. 

If option 2 is my only option, I have encountered problems here also (as I say, I really have tried everything) 

I have attempted to put the .bin and .ver files onto a USB, hard reset and then update the firmware to a cracked firmware, sadly tho the WDTV SMP never ever recognises the update thats sitting there. Theres also no way to point the boxset to the USB and just say… “look, what are these files? they look cool. I think you should update your firmware”

boxset just looks at me blankly. 

Any thoughts?

KAD79 wrote:

so you have 2 possible solutions

change the protocol you use to either smb or nfs, so that officialy supported methods work

i have absolutely no idea what smb or nfs means. apologies. 

not trying to be difficult… just dont have an indepth knowledge when it comes to this. hence the help needed. 

NorthanMonkee wrote:

i have absolutely no idea what smb or nfs means. apologies. 


not trying to be difficult… just dont have an indepth knowledge when it comes to this. hence the help needed. 

He means connect to a network share instead of a media server (DLNA) if you want to use Moviesheets/Linksheets.

SMB (Server Message Block) and NFS (Network File System), I’ll let you google on your own.


I’ll translate a bit further

smb = samba = cifs = windows shares

nfs = linux shares