Themes, moviesheets, and files

Hey theme writers, is it possible to put all of the moviesheets, backgrounds, fanarts, thumbnails, and related files in one folder rather then mixed in with my media files?  I access my media from a few different boxes and it really makes the experience on the other devices difficult to have five files to sort through for every movie or TV episode.

I’ve read through some of the documents for themes and for thumbgen and they all seem to require to have everything mixed together.


Basically, no.  You can put your backdrops/moviesheets in a single folder within the folder that you have your movies, this will require editing all your xmls (if you are using local moviesheets/backdrops) to point to that folder in order for them to display.  But your thumbs/coverart & xml files have to been in the same folder as your files.

Too bad.  It really does leave quite a mess at the file level.  Pretty on the TV but a real mess if you have to wade through a file browser of any type.

Thanks for the info.