Themes - I'm really confused


Happy New Year!!!

I have a WDTV Live Hub with the latest firmware and I want to change the GUI or theme - just wondering how I go about this… Some of the discussion hint that I cannot do this with the latest firmware versions - is this the case? I after some advice of best themes to go for and any installation tips…



Each theme listed here has its own installation instructions with the download. Each theme lists which firmware it supports. All WILL work with latest firmware but not as intended by the designer and will not be supported by the designer if you choose to use on the latest firmware and find issues.

WD has broken transparentcy for some files and designers are liking transparency to make their themes look better.

Great Thanks

So i just need to look through and pick the lay out i like and follow the installation instructions - just need to check the firmware versions it has been tested with??

Will it affect warranty etc on hub?



No it does not voide warranty as themes are allowed and you are using firmware released by WD even if you downgrade. Also the steps to downgrade are provided by WD

Also it look like Psycho has now designed a theme for 3.01. Waiting for the image to show to see what it looks like and it is still beta.

great do i just need to search for Psycho? would rather not back date firmware as everything seems quite stable at the mo!!