Themes for Mede8er 1000x3d - maybe for new (WD Themes) ideas,135.0.html



Arent most of these ones you posted a link to back in 'March of 2012 ?

and which i did a couple of tiny mod home screens ?

yep i know, i was only a refresh :wink:

you mean a “bump” :wink:

no probs, they do look very nice …

just wish it would be possible for a vertical scrolling main menu (like the old wdtv’s)

(i’ve done vertical menus … but, right=down & left=up can get i little confusing if you’re not used to it. Holding the remote “Gangsta Style” does help though :stuck_out_tongue:)

yes bump was the right word…

  • vertical scrolling would nice, but you can not have everything…