Themes and moviesheets - downsampling Movie Posters

I have my movie collection organized in the way that I collected Hi-Res images of all covers for my movies. After experimenting with two themes Mojo and Black Mamba I realized that all covers (which were named as movie files in format  - Movie [YEAR].ext - were replaced with thumb covers with very low resolution.

My question is a general one. Is it posible to force Thumbgen to use my cover and not to downsample it when it save moviesheet and all related files?

It seems that I will have to go and look for hi-res images for more than 100 movies again :frowning:

Unless you set Thumbgen to generate the covers as .metathumbs, it should be outputing as .jpgs for the covers.

Make sure that you have the internal scrapper set to Manual and not Automatic, or the internal scrapper will replace your covers with low-res .metathumbs.