Themes and Lstar337's Moviesheets

Hi ladies and gents,

My current WDTV (running WDLXTV firmware) is dying. The only feature I use from the custom firmware is Moviesheets and I know I can use these with the WDTV Live Hub (yay!)

On to business. Using Thumbgen I’ve previously created moviesheets using Lstar337’s template. (Not utilising cover trickle)

Since I’m new to this side of things, I’m trying to figure out if there’s any themes that I’ll be able to use with the current Moviesheets I’ve got. I like this format and I’d prefer not to go through the process of recreating all these moviesheets.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!



I think that you will not get many responses here,  most of us use the official firmware. Beside, the interface of the Hub and the WD TV Live or the Plus are different, this might be a hindrance for you.

I use both the custom firmware on the Live Plus and the standard firmware (2.07.17) on the Hub.  My moviesheet have been interchangeable between them.  I just had to create an XML file in Thumbgen, as when I created the moviesheets the first time I created an nfo file.  Was just an option I changed in Thumbgen.  The Hub will only use the moviesheets if an XML file is created.  Also, you have to create the XML file in the latest version of Thumbgen otherwise you will have to edit the XML file to see the backdrop.

Also, I use the DeVicious 1.8 Theme, however, I have used other themes that allow moviesheets as well, I have just become partial to that theme.

Hi I have got a SMP and would like to get Lstar337’s Moviesheets working on my player. I read in a previous thread that I’d probably need to modify the current theme I am using - in my case MOJO - in order to to get it working. 

My question is: what do I need to modify in a current theme in order for it to utilise a different moviesheet? Thank you very much.

Have you try this?