Themes and file structures


I would like to change the appearance og the GUI on the hub - just wondering if any one has any pointers of best ones to use and best way to do it (I know there is a whole discussion dedicated to themes) just after some general advice.

Also I have a large USB hard drive attached to my hub which works perfectly however everthing is stored on this - I do not use the internal one on the hub any more. I have all types of media on the usb drive audio, video and photos. When I select the folder in the video section on the GUI I can see all the audio and photo files as well. Is there any way of stopping this happening?

Look forward to your responses

Happy new year!


Wait, when you select Videos, you also can see photos and music files? This should not be possible. Do you have the media library on?

No i didnt but turned it on 24 hours ago and the hub still says compiling… 

this keeps happening when i turn media library on - is there a fix??