Theme without HDD

I recently gave up on the unit and removed the HDD and installed it on a NAS, since I was fed up with the enormous transfer speed. Mind you, I only paid it 99$ so I really don’t mind having a hub without the HDD.

Anyway, the unit works fine and I can access the content easily like before and everything is smooth but I haven’t tried theming. Is it possible without an HDD? My mind says no, but maybe someone figured out a way with USB stick or something else. I won’t be mad at all if it doesn’t work by the way, I am just asking.

I tried the search function but the only subject I found people were saying that the HUB couldn’t come without an HDD and they never answered the question.

running theme from a hdd is possible

but requires some hacking

you can check out the wdlxtv project which has a very early example of firmware for the SMP

the hack is relatively easily applied to the hub as well

however, you’re going to run into one big problem

it requires first uploading a theme to the device

which if you have no hdd installed you will not be able to do on the hub

I’ll check it out. Thanks.

If it wasn’t for pure lazyness, I wouldn’t mind removing and reinstalling the HDD every time I have some 60-100Gb to transfer but it does wonder in my NAS and I don’t have to wait 6 hours to complete the transfer without being able to watch something since it would stutter.

Do you know KAD if it’s possible to telnet right into the machine itself so I could modify paths and others like you can with the SMB?Because then, I don’t see why you couldn’t change images path to network path… but I really don’t know all the limitations. If space is needed, I’ll just solder-in a thumbdrive.

I don’t have a HUB to try it

but yes you should be able to do the same thing

just need to adjust the path used for running the exploit

probably something, beyond the scope of this forum

but the original info out there on the web included info about telnet access for both the HUB and SMP