Theme that is fast, good looking and shows movie info when hovered over thumb?

There doesn’t seem to be a perfect theme. If one is fast, then it’s missing some kind of feature. If another has the feature then it loads slow.

I would like a fast (dark looking) theme that will display the movie info when scrolling over the thumbs.

Any suggestions?

Start learning how to create your own theme which suits your own requirements!!

A linksheet theme probably will be the quickest to display movie sheets and thumbnails. It also has a learning curve that may frustrate most casual users. Its worth the effort. I like Tinwarbles Dark Light theme. However there is no linksheet version. It would be a good theme for you to use as a first time as you would learn a lot and be ready to tackle a linksheet theme.

Devicious’s Goodbye Black Mamba theme is also very nice and does have a link sheet version.

EDIT: Seemed a bit rude that I didn’t mention JoeySmyth themes so Definitely check his stuff out too. It’s pretty awesome and he, like the other themers, has got some very innovative stuff.

You can see pictures of most of the themes in this forum. You can also find plenty of help setting up a theme if you apply some effort with the search engine here.

Do these themes work with the WD Live SMP without a firmware hack?


Linksheets work with all standard firmware … no “firmware hacks” involved

Try Reading


The problem with your simple comment in “try reading”, there is too much confusion in reading these forums. Too many devices with different abilities. Old vs new, hub vs streaming, hack vs current firmware, limited theme memory vs unlimited vs 1 tb, etc.

Well, you are in the subforum Live Hub/Themes, which implies that you have the 1TB HDD.

You won’t get far if you don’t read a bit… because we all know what your next question will be: how to install.

Is there a dedicated theme forum for the live SMP only?

I didn’t find one here:


Unfortunately there is no dedicated forum for SMP Themes. Don’t ask me why this is so, but I have my own theories why WD don’t support theming for the SMP. Hopefully I will be proved wrong.

Despite this it has been requested, however no official WD response has been posted- hence my thoughts above.

Furthermore- Try typing ‘SMP THEMES’ in search box of the SMP forum for further reading.

EDIT- Sorry I can’t spoon feed you the information that you are looking for as I do not own a SMP, but I’m hopfeful someone else will be able to. 

Thanks for the info.

I just found it ironic that someone told me that I was in the wrong forum when there is no other alternative.