Theme suggestion, like large font for file names

I use WD TV Live Hub on my 30-year-old 19" analog TV.

I’ve had the hub since January and I love it.

My only complaint is the font size for file names is ridiculously small.

Thus far I’ve only used standard theme.

I’d be very grateful for any suggestions for a theme that will make it easier for me to select files.


“My only complaint is the font size for file names is ridiculously small.”


So is your TV   :wink:

:smileyvery-happy: agreed!!!

Yes my TV is ridiculously small, and I am also ridiculously cheap.

I can’t see getting rid of perfectly good TV (errr, monitor) that has beautiful picture quality.

In addition to the obvious DVD player, I’ve got Roku and WD TV Live Hub hooked up to the old tube, so I can stream all of my home media (HD movies, audio, etc) and they work perfectly fine.  My recent success was using a powerline adaptor to network the WD TV Live Hub with my superpowered desktop PC.  (I am not really so super cheap after all.)

Our PC is our primary info source, tons of free content for free on internet and with the PCs TV capture card and my $30 radioshack antena, we can get beautiful over-the-air digital TV on the PC for free. (I am really super cheap.)

Now that I can stream my live TV signal from my PC through my network to the WD TV Live Hub, my old TV can do everything I need.

The small TV works fine for us since our sofa and chairs are fairly close to TV since our living room is ridiculously small because our house is ridiculously small because I’m ridiculously cheap.

All seriousness aside, the small TV does everything I need it to do, it is only the text graphics on the WD TV user interface that is a big problem.  I can just about read file names.  And I was hoping that one of the customized themes would have bigger font size.  After playing with the themes available from WD TV Hub itself - none of those change font size.

Any themes out there with bigger font size?

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Haha nice post made me laugh.

You can change the fonts for some views, by making the font larger, and by increasing the text box for it via the XML files in a theme.

Trouble is depends on what view you use I suppose.

I am sure a Theme guru will give you some info, it does mean you will have to edit these XMLs yourself, and I know you are cheap, they just don’t know what your editing skills are like, and may be fearful of you ending up seeing nothing.  :slight_smile:

If there is no off-the-shelf theme with large font size, I’d be happy to try editing the xml file (tried that a few times for some web applications with mixed results).

The Video File selection view is the view that is most difficult to read and the source of current request for a larger font size.  The problem is due to the combination of the small font size and long file names assigned by my PVR software.

To be specific, the way I stream ‘live’ TV from my PC to WD TV Live Hub is by recording the TV signal (WinTV 7 or Beyond TV) and then pointing the WD TV Live hub to the active .TS or .TP file through the Windows Shared folder on the PC.  In that manner, the WD TV hub can play the live TV signal (actually about 1 minute delayed from live) on my old TV as that file is being recorded by the PVR software on the PC.  (I was amazed to learn that the WD device can read the file as the file is being acquired and appended by the PVR software on the PC.)

The problem is that I have no control over the file name used by the recording software - and the autogenerated filenames are very long (date / time / channel / program name etc.)

It is those long file names that are tough to read and don’t fit into the availabe space and have to scroll.  

The best video file selection view is Preview view, the font seems a bit larger there and under the thumbnail the file extension is dispalyed so I don’t have to wait for the scrolling to distinguish the .TS file from the .dat or other file types that have the same file name.

The file names for my home movie files and my jpg & mp3 files all have short names and are not a problem so I don’t need to mess with the photo or music folder views (although bigger would be better).

JoeySmyth wrote:

“My only complaint is the font size for file names is ridiculously small.”


So is your TV   :wink:

i lol’d :laughing: