Theme question

Can I run the same themes on a wd tv live smp as I can on the Hub?
I’ve run bRads home brew for years on a gen 2, that finally died.
Wouldn’t mind running the wd firmware if it looked like the hubs GUI.

what are you talking about

the default gui on the smp and the hub are exactly the same theme

so then, yeah, in general hub theme will run on smp

the only exception in linksheets, which is not somthing official and it can be made to work with wdlxtv

Can’t speak for all themes, but the few that I have tried on the SMP also ran on my HUB. Only issue is the limitations of running a linksheet theme on an SMP based on the 30mb of space if you run the WD firmaware. I am currently running Simplicity on both my HUB and my SMP using the same covers etc. Looks great on both devices.