Theme question

First i must say thank you to all of you who have answered my questions about moviesheets and firmware.

I now understand haow it all works…well at least enough to get some things working…

Just a question please I have got firmware 2.03.24 installed and using Joey Smyth theme (really Amazing how he has done this I take my hat off to him THANK YOU Joey) and all is working great apart from list view…the pictures on right hand side are not alligned properly…one is to the left on the bottom of the screen and one is to the right.and not in the place they should be.

Any body got any ideas how to fix? Do I need latest firmware or shall i stay with version 2.03.24

Many Thanks Dave

If you are using 

Gallery Moviesheet/Thumbnail Trick

it is a theme issue that Joey was trying to sort out. Nothing to do with the firmware version.

I only experience the issue on music list view not movie list view. Are you experiencing the same location?

I am only using movies and it is only happening in the list view,the other views are ok


Sorry forgot Yes I am using Gallery thumbnail trick


can you throw a music album on and go test the the list view in music?

Will do it now give me ten mins and I will report back

Thanks Dave

Hello again

Yes put the music folder on and tested list view it cuts case picture in half,one to left one to right

same with movies



From the way i remember it, Joey tried to use 1 thumbgen template for all views.

however when it was used for list view it broke list view for music like you see. This is because music does not use a thumbgen template.

Me personally I do not use list view for movies so I was hoping he would revert list view back to the original way so it would be broken for movies but working for music [where I actually use list view]. I would even like to see List view removed from Movie view.

If you sift through the posting for this theme, I believe page 7 he has a template that fixes music. Although I am confused as to why your movie  list view is broken as it works on mine.

Many Thanks I will go and have a look at page 7 and see what i can sort…

I just like list view with movie details on right,

Thanks for your help


The ‘List View’  is Used for Video … Music … and Photos  they are all “linked”  in the WD Firmware.

If it’s modified for say, “Video” …  then this will also affect your Music and Photos.

This also applies if you modify it for you Music…  (then it affects Video and Photos.)