Theme & Moviesheet Template Question

Quick question about themes and templates for thumbgen.

When I have a theme set on my WD player, do I need to have the moviesheet template for that theme or can I use any?

example - Anodized theme with Mojo moviesheet

Or do I need to have the Anodized theme with Anodized moviesheet?


you whould have to use the movie sheet meant for the theme. So the mojo theme requires the mojo moviesheet.

I believe the Anodized theme you can use any of the bulk templates but cant use the specialty templates

all the other themes must use their specialty templates [Æonish Hub, MOJO, DeVicious]

Alright I’ve hit a bit of a snag doing this and need some guidance.

When I use thumbgen and in the “general tab”, what items on the right should be check marked?

I’m able to get the xml file to show the movie info in gallery mode, the backdrop works as well when i select the movie. But my movie sheet does not work.

I read on here that someone has their main movie folder and for the movies inside they have:


Black Swan.mkv
Black Swan.jpg — thats the moviesheet (so they say)
Black Swan.xml

Movie 2.mkv

Movie 2.jpg

Movie 2.xml

No matter what I try, I cant get my sheet to show. Only the “theme” sheet is showing. I’m using the Anodized theme. Ive tried about 10 different moviesheet templates and no luck…is this clear? haha

See this HERE.  This is a Thumbgen tutorial for my Mojo theme, but the setting are pretty much the same no matter what theme you are using.

Also, just to clarify.  If you are using the original Anodized theme you can not just use any moviesheet you want.  It is not setup to use moviesheets and the text is displayed using the .xml data.   So if your moviesheet has text, you will be displaying double text. 

So if your wanting to use a moviesheet like this:


It will not work with the original Anodized theme and you will have to modify it.

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Well that’s my problem right there. The Anodized theme can’t use moviesheets. I wasted so many hours yesterday trying to figure this out… :cry:

I’ll try out the MOJO theme and sheet, see if that works out for me. Thanks for the help!


Thanks for your help. Tried everything out last night and got your MOJO theme working, looks awesome! I had another question (of course haha) though.

Is there any way for when you choose automatic mode, that it doesn’t pick a cover picture with another language? I tried out a few and sometimes I get French covers, or German etc… I really don’t have time to go through about 500 movies that I have and make sure I get the English box cover haha.

Well, there’s not much that you can do when generate the info for your files the first time.  That’s why I suggest that when you first generate your files you do it manually (not automatic).

Once you have generated them the first time, and as long as you make sure to generate the .tgmd file for each file, then you can easily change everything using “Create from metadata”.  But using the automatic mode in thumbgen is pretty much hit and miss if you haven’t already gotten the data.

Which themes out there support any moviesheet? I’ve found a few moviesheets that I want to test out and see how they look, but I’m not sure what theme to use.