Theme hub corn 2.0 (beta ) download link + 12 screen preview

I noticed on your screens of the home menu, the bar doesnt go all the way over to the left. Is that how it is on the actual firmware as well? Other than that, its looking pretty good, I’ll be waiting for a release to try out.

HEY Dhadleymail!

Good question, but from my experience this GUY likes to keep every1 waiting in suspense!!

It will probably be 2 weeks before you MIGHT get a reply… and that said,… it will be in the next V10 !! wwhich going on HB’s rate of publicity and nonsensical posting STUNTS could be… lets say… 2012!!!


hmmm… let’s see HELLBOUND???

for the left screen it just on 95% resolution at 100% it OK :slight_smile:

Salut Hellbound!
Est-il possible de donner à chacun une réponse sur supprimer la “boîte noire” en ligne xml?

ce serait très apprécié de toute la communauté HUB!

hello architectonic

your post is no truth, what is your problem tell me about that?

One: if I not answer the question quickly because I speak french so I sometimes dificult to speak English.

Two: I publish version 5 of hubcorn: hubcorn beta
hubcorn v.1.0
hubcorn v.1.1
hubcorn v.1.2
hubcorn v.1.3

yes it was 2 weeks between each version release.
but I think it’s better than a theme active theme is not active

I like working on hubcorn and yes I like to let the suspense has to publish,
that’s wrong in this?

if not love what I do not you post on my future is all

your publication IS an insult.

thank you for a most urgent and emotional response HB!!,  it is very educational!

BUT i am very sure every1 is glad for the reply!!

And may i say that i did not mean to upset you by my constructive criticism.


ok :wink:

SCREEN 10 : Video_Gallery 100% finish

screen 010.jpg

Thats an excellent look. It would be cool if you also had the xml metadata appear below the large thumbs.

HEllo People a release HUBCORN v.2 in 3 days, the 2011-04-14 :slight_smile:

Tomorrow a version of HUBCORN Version 2 (BETA) will arrive as promised. since the writing of main_menu are. jpg I’m working on a french version and am working on a package that contains some background for the film main_menu. I also work on a package to change the color of the menu in the main_menu and buttons.


thank you for the translation

just finished for aeon joeysmyth theme and don’t want to begin another one

time for beer, BBQ and tiramisu  :smileyvery-happy:

It’s possible translate to brazilian portuguese? or can you send the images of main menu, then i  translate?


please send me  exemple MOVIE = FILMES and i translate for you :slight_smile:

That’s ok! Thank you!


Movie = Filmes

Files = Arquivos

Music = Músicas

Pictures = Fotos

Settings = Configurações

Services = Serviços

Now Playing = Em exibição

This is the names that i remenber that shows on main menu, if you have any other i can send to you.:smiley:

Nice osd, I think it may look nicer if the ‘focused’ tab was white while the unfocused ones were coloured instead…is this possible?

What is your favorite menu for the official release??




Sans titre.jpg

for me it`s the 2nd,

on beta i changed the weather icon its very great, your are a very good theme its beautiful.

the 2nd one looks good, were you able to accomplish scrolling without flickering?

YES :slight_smile: HomerJ