Theme Help Please!

Anyone know of a theme that will allow for folder backgrounds, but then one in the folder, allow for backdrops and content  to be applied via get content info direct on the wdtv gui, itself?..As in, I want to have WDTV scan for the movie info etc, but also have the ability to add parent folder backgrounds via moviesheets…

Any help would be great.



I’m not sure if it is possible but check the link below to see if it helps.

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it sounds like he wants a theme that supports both linksheets and backdrops via xml

this can be done

  1. choose a theme that supports linksheets

  2. in the xml’s you need to remove the tag or the linksheets will not work

  3. create your linksheets for folders

backdrops will still function as normal for files, just without the title tag

since your in the SMP forum, be away theme size limit is 30MB

so if all you have a is a couple of genre folders you’ll probably be ok

but if you have lots of folders, you’ll run out of room, unless you run custom firmware

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