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Got it. Didn’t realize you were running from a USB stick. In fact, I didn’t even realize you could do that from a USB stick so that is great info. I contemplated buying an SMP to replace an old LivePlus that I have in the bedroom, and passed just for the reason that it does not have enough room for themes/ linksheets. Nice to know



I have a pretty good grasp on the movie sheets, but i’m unsure how to create the tv sheets.  Right now my folders are set as follows:

WDTVLiveHub/TV Shows/Duck Dynasty/Season 1

Each TV show has its own folder and within those folders I have a folder for each season.  I’m sure this probably isnt correct for GBBM.  If anyone can tell me how my folders are supposed to be set up and if you have any recomendations on how Thumbgen should be set for this I would greatly appreciate it!


LOL i have the both of those seasons and would like to know how the TV sheets are made also. Thanks


Pretty sure if you’re using GBBM the season folders will each have to have a unique name. Like 


Duck Dynasty 

  Season 1 (DD) 

  Season 2 (DD) 


Or else when you dump the sheets to the theme folder they’ll overwrite each other ;) 



Exactly flhthemi. If you name a directory “season 01”, it will overwrite the season one folder you have for the last TV series you did in Thumbgen. You need to have unique name., Also TG seems to work better if you have the name of the show in the season folder title. Not nescessary, but does seem to help to make the lookups go smoother.


Duck Dynasty/

Duck Dynasty Season 01



Duck Dynasty Season 02



Good Luck



Well that worked out nicely and I think I may be on a roll here! lol   Everything is starting to look really good, but I cant help but think i’m missing something…folder sheets.  By looking at the TG profile list I think its safe to assume that I will have to create the folder sheets seperatley from my cover and linksheets.  As usual i’m having a bit of dificulty finding a good guide on creating folder sheets using TG for the GBBM theme.  

When I create these folder sheets I use the profile: Black Mamba Fikder Sheets by DeVicious.  In my General Options tab it has selected Main Moviesheet and in the Moviesheets tab it looks to have selected the correct templates. When I tried to run this with the default settings I ended up overwriting my cover so I would imagine that in my Input/Output Naming tab my Main Moviesheet should be written differently.  Can someone tell me what to change it to and will I need to move this file to the root of the theme or leave it with the movie?  If there is anything else i’m leaving out please feel free to fill in the blanks.




Glad to hear you are close to getting it all setup, especially since DeVicous just released her new theme “Simplicity” yesterday :smileyvery-happy: Luckily for you they are built on a similarly so once you get GBBM setup well, you will know everythign you need to try the new one.

So… Yes, it seems you have your Input/Output naming setup incorrectly. I think you are talking about overwriting your sheets not your covers. Is that correct? If so…

Movie and TV templates:

Main Moviesheet = $M…$N

Folder Template: should just have “main moviesheet” checked off;

Main Moviesheet = $M…$P

The movies and tv templates make sheets with the exact name as the movie ($N). The folder sheets will be named identical to the parent folder ($P)

For folder linkhseets, you remove the extension completely, and then copy to the root of the theme the same as your other linksheets. NO EXTENSION at all

Example: You have a folder/directory called Comedy. Using the folder template, Thumbgen makes you a sheet called “Comedy.jpg”. You remove the “.jpg” and copy “Comedy” to the root of GBBM. I believe that foldersheets are case sensative so should be exactly the same as the folder name.

Understanding how paths work would help you a lot. Here are the “tokens” you will see in TG, and a link to a page with some examples:

$M = full path to the folder that contains the currently processed movie

$N = the filename of the current movie (without path and without extension)

$E = the extension of the current movie (including the dot)

$F = the name of the folder containing the current movie (only the name, without path)

$P = the name of the parent folder of the folder containing the current movie (only the name, without path)

Read the below page. Once you have a good grip on how paths and tokens work, you will be able to solve some of these issues on your own, as well as be able to modify paths to meet your specific needs. I will assume that you already understand windows path info like “…” etc.

What’s with $M, $N and the other tokens?



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Hi, Firstly fantastic work on the theme it looks awesome! Now I read and understood you don’t own an SMP so I’m hoping someone on here does that can maybe help me with a quick question regarding the genre folders. I generated as the guide says and it looks great I renamed it to Action_sheet and put it in the action folder along with all my action movies now is that the only place I need to put it? I read here that you also need to put it in the theme folder of the HUB but of course I have an SMP so there is no theme folder.

I have only put it in the Action folder but it’s not showing up, Any ideas where I went wrong?

Thank You.


rename the genre sheets to the name of your genre folder e.g.

Action folder with movies in called Action - name the sheet Action

Action folder with movies in called Action Movies - name the sheet Action Movies

Doesn’t need a file extension on the end for a folder sheet

Copy the genre sheets to your smp


Thanks for the reply, I did the above and names the genre sheet just Action as that’s what the folder is called. Now when you say copy the sheet over to the SMP do you mean copy to the external HDD that the action folder is located?


Just a little reminder…the sheet names are case sensitive. So if the folder is ACTION



Ain’t gonna work…


Yeah they are named the same, I took a screen just in case.


jonesad24 wrote:

Thanks for the reply, I did the above and names the genre sheet just Action as that’s what the folder is called. Now when you say copy the sheet over to the SMP do you mean copy to the external HDD that the action folder is located?

For it to work as a linksheet, (which is what I think you are trying to do with the genre folder sheets), you need to copy it to the root of the theme on you SMP like chris_h16 said a few post back. Even though you have an SMP you do have the theme in a folder on your WD Device. You just have less room than those with a HUB.



That seems to be the problem I’m having, When I installed the theme I just uploaded it to the web interface. I can’t see how I access the SMP itself as on my network I can only view the HDD’s that are conected to the SMP. In the HDD I have a hidden .wd_tv folder and in there is thumbs folder but I can’t find where the theme folder is.


You need to put the files in the theme zip file and then upload.

You will soon run out of space though.  It be best to do what i did and reconfigure it to look to a usb disk and then copy all your sheets there.

i’ll get you the instructions


Download this zip which contains three files.

place the home.php file in your theme zip file

upload as usual

edit device-ip.txt to be your wdtv ip address

edit win-homebrew-brewme.bat to edit this part "language=…/…/…/…/usrdata/.wd_tv/theme/ the enter part should be the name of your theme zip file minus the .zip extension

run win-homebrew-brewme.bat to enable telnet

download putty and telnet to your wdtv ip

Type “df -k” to find the USB identification id
Type config_tool -c THEME_PATH=/tmp/media/usb/USB210/XXXX-XXXX/usrdata/wd_tv/Themes/
Note “XXXX-XXXX” is the unique number you discovered above.

Note also that the path after the “USB210/XXXX-XXXX” is whatever folders you made to house your theme contents.

Now do a hard reboot

Put your sheets in the THEME_PATH above


Cheers for that, I got to run win-homebrew-brewme.bat to enable telnet I double click it a box opens for a split second then goes. Then nothing happens.


sorry I’ve missed some files out of the zip file as I was only giving you the necessary files.

I’ve updated the link in the previous post

extract them all to one folder


Haha I wondered what I was doing wrong. Cheers again mate I really appreciate it. Going to have a good read first as this is all very new and I want to get it rite.