Theme: GoodBye Black Mamba (LinkSheet) Updated Dec 14th


Fantastic! Yea, i was reading through the posts and had read that you have to uniquely name your season folders to get it to work. Thanks for your patience and post :slight_smile:

Can’t wait to try it out and see what it looks like!

Almost done working with my TV shows, next up… my 3 TB of HD movies on a network share


Superb theme - currently getting this to work on my SMP using b-rads custom firmware so I can run the theme from USB…

One quick question - when I generate the moviesheets I get 0h 0m for the runtime? I’ve tested quite a few files. The runtime (in minutes) comes up in the movie information box when processing the moviesheets in Thumbgen, so not sure why it’s not appearing in the moviesheet. It’s probably something small I have to change in the template.xml, the only line I found with ‘runtime’ in it is:

<TextElement Text="%DURATIONTEXT%" Name=“Runtime " Width=“200” Height=“60” AutoSize=“False” TGD_IsVisible=“True” TGD_IsLocked=“False” Y=“56” X=“1007” TextQuality=“AntiAlias” TextAlignment=“TopLeft” StrokeWidth=“0” Font=“HarvestItal,38,Point,HARVEIT_.TTF,0” StrokeColor=”-16777216" ForeColor="-1" Multiline=“False”/>

I’m guessing I have to change the first part <TextElement Text="%DURATIONTEXT%" to something, could someone help me out on this one? (and also explain why this error is happening?) Thanks!


Ignore the above, just realised it was because I was using test files which were less than a minute long sample movie files, didn’t realise the moviesheet actually checks the file itself to generate the runtime, assumed it was from the IMDB info!


anything new on the SMP with linksheets, i been out of the loop for a while. (doing my theatrical shorts collection).

I remember there being something about running the theme from a USB stick


Could someone send me a link or pm me to the goodbye black mamba final Thumbgen files ???  I cannot find them any where in my backups and I replaced my pc…


The link is on this first page of this thread. Download the theme pack, and it includes the bundle you need to install in thumbgen. Once you install it you will have the template files for Thumbgen.



anyone know if this them works with latest firmware?


I had no problem with the theme at all.  GBBM seems to work fine with the FW, but I did end up rolling back due to other issues that were unrelated to themes.





i like the thumbs that thumbgen makes with the black mamba bundle, question, how do I set up thumbgen to just create a thumb and no movie sheet? I dont like messing the with the settings a whole lot, as I messed things up and had to redo lol. Any input would be greatly appreciated. thanks


If you really want to mess with nothing, you could just go through the normal process and delete the linksheet. I can’t remember off hand but I believe it puts it one directory back from the actual movie and the cover that it creates.

But if you want to do it the right way it’s not that hard.

  1. Open Thumbgen

  2. Choose the BM moviesheet as the current profile

  3. Click on “options”

  4. Under “generate” on the right hand side, uncheck “main moviesheet”

Should just make the cover jpeg and not the linksheet

Good Luck


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dudeman316 wrote:

i like the thumbs that thumbgen makes with the black mamba bundle, question, how do I set up thumbgen to just create a thumb and no movie sheet? I dont like messing the with the settings a whole lot, as I messed things up and had to redo lol. Any input would be greatly appreciated. thanks


Or - While you have the movie info on the screen in thumbgen untick the indicated box then generate!

It will remain that way for all subsequent movies.

photo Untitled_zps62b24b66.jpg

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@flhthemi, both methods will do the same thing. Changing it via options before you start to generate or unchecking it on the moviesheet editor will both keep the box unchecked for all subsequent scrapes going forward, even if you close the app. Thanks for the info though, I didn’t realize it could be done the way you pointed out. After a few quick tests, appears there are two ways to skin the same cat.



Yup…it’s like I tell people, there are many different ways to do things on computers. No way is the wrong way unless it didn’t work. :slight_smile:


Does anyone have the 15MB version of Goodbye Black Mamba so I can install it on my SMP? There’s a 15MB available but it’s just Black Mamba.


Hoping someone can help me out with this. The directions aren’t helping me, but perhaps I am dense. I apologize for not reading ALL 36 pages, but I did search through.

I am using just the Thumbgen bundle. I simply want to make moviesheets that work with the Surreal theme on the SMP (the author recommded Black Mamba, and I was optimistic that this new release would work). However, it’s not working correctly for me.

I’ll use the Columbiana example used in the instructions. Instead of getting 3 outpuyt files, I’m only getting two. Also, one is in the movie’s directory, while the other is in the next higher directory.

Any assitance with this would be greatly appreciated. I apologize for being dense.


You don’t need to read the 36 pages …just read the first one on your theme

You are not using a Linksheet theme for the SMP…

The author does recommend the Black Mamba theme, but if you click on his link, the theme is not there, so the reason you are only getting two, is because you are trying to setup Linksheets to a non linksheet theme.

Just read that you posted at the end of the thread. You need to understand linksheets are totally different, and due to you having an SMP you are very limited with that, for Linksheets anyway.


Yup, I was. Tells you to follow the directions in the PDF included with Black Mamab’s download…

But since that doesn’t work, I’m here for help. Specicially, it’s not generating the XML file as it says that it should in the instructions. I’ll see if I can figure it out on my own unless someone else has more experience with this issue.

EDIT: I’m not using the linksheet, btw. I’m following Dev’s advice from page 4, or so, with regards to using V4 since I’m on SMP and not hub (and therefore, should not use the linksheets).


Well thats the thing, the XML is an issue, but these are linksheets and wont display the same as that theme.

edit : ok read what you edited.  If its just the XML it should be quite easy, it will be as simple as you not having an XML to generate in the output options.

Thumbgen options

Input/Output Naming

Movieinfo Export - and select XML and I think its WD Hub new firmware


I’m going to try this again and at the same time, simplify my explanation. Please note that I am using the moviesheet instructions (NOT the linksheets). To assist in understanding this;

/jedi mind trick “These are not the linksheets that you are looking for.”

Ok, now with that out of the way, the instructions for moviesheets are simple. Install bundle, hit a button, and voila, 3 files are generated;

  1. Columbiana.Bluray.jpg

  2. Columbiana.Bluray.mkv_sheet.jpg

  3. Columbiana.Bluray.xml

Except, here’s the problem;

  1. Perfect, works

  2. generated, but is one folder up from the other files; IE, should be in /videos/movie, but is instead in /videos

  3. Not even generated

Any ideas on what is going on? I followed the directions in the PDF Barney-style. It is not working as intended.


it’s been too long since I set up thumbgen

but I specifically remember trying the bundle and a bunch of the default bundle settings did not work for my set up ether

just configure thumbgen to generate the xml and to generate the correct moviesheet

I would guess it’s probably generating extra sheet or spare sheet, which is not what you want