Theme: GoodBye Black Mamba (LinkSheet) Updated Dec 14th

Thank you!!! You are so nice to give me the Gimp project file… and thanks for the step by step instruction… I was able to create the folders for each genres… Thanks again for all your help… I appreciate it… 

Action.png Adventure.png Animation.png Christmas.png Drama.png Family.png Romance.png

Miley Cyrus picture in “Romance” Genre ?  you’re kidding, right  :wink: 

(p.s. Lindsay Lohan picture in “Family” Genre belongs in “Drunk Drivers” Genre)  :smileyvery-happy:

LOL   :smileyvery-happy:… well my girls love the movie “the last song” so thats why I used Miley Cirus, and my youngest loves the movie “the parent trap”, but yes Lyndsey Lohan is not that young innocent kid anymore… :wink:

Hey guys I’ve been wondering for a while now, but is there anyway to use the Black mamba theme on other non WD media players?

I would like to use it on the Amazon Fire TV, XBMC, or if WD has something a little bit more responsive than the WD TV Live hub, I would wanna try that .

Thanks to anyone that can help!!!


XBMC (Kodi) XML skins use completely different code (i used to tinker with XBMC Skins years ago … so i know)

P.S. have you taken the “Ideas for a New WDTV” survey ?

Okay, thank you for the survey link. I finished it yesterday.

Are the other WD TV products that are compatible with this theme more responsive than the Live Hub?

Disable some unused view modes?

Hello Community,

is it possible to disable some view modes for faster switch between used views wih yellow button?

I try to explain better:

I can switch now with yellow button to:

I only use:

I want to look into movie sheet for some info, i am in list mode.
Now I have to push yellow button often until i reach movie sheet.
Then after i read movie infos i want to switch into list mode (faster searching for movietitle).
So have to push yellow button again many times again until in list view.
After this many pushes for infos in movie sheet.
This prcedure i have to do for every movie i want to see more info.

Is it poosible to disable the unused views for faster switch between movie and list mode with yellow button?
If somebody could give me some tips, this will switch my face to a big smile.

Thanks a lot for some support.

No, it is not possible to disable views

This are bad news, i hoped i can change, disable or remove the unused views in any way.

If somebody has a idea for a work around, it will be nice.

Thank you for your fast answer and reply

there is no way “around it” … it’s a design built in functionality of the device … no hacking and cracking will disable view selection

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Are there other WD TV products that are compatible with this theme and more responsive than the Live Hub?

I’m really interested in using this theme with XBMC/Kodi. Is there anyway to make the moviesheets generated from this theme work on other hardware?

I think you’ll find the speed is about the same on the other players …

The only other wdtv’s “themes” will work on are the Live Streaming and the 2014 WDTV Media Player

But … to use “Linksheets” on those players, you’ll have to use custom firmware.

You can’t use the theme with Kodi (XBMC) … different XML coding

You could use the moviesheets i suppose … but it will look pretty messy

JoeySmyth I have some questions for you.  I really like GBBM and I use it with LinkSheets where I put all the LinkSheets in the same folder as the theme.  It works perfectly!  Or it has been working perfectly for quite a while.  

Now I have over 10,000 (Ten-Thousand) LinkSheets.  I have been a busy little boy.  It seems like I have spent hours and hours reading your posts and tinkering to get everything to work so perfectly.  I have 100’s of bookmarks to your advice and I have started copying and pasting it into documents so I won’t loose it.

My problem is that with so many files in the same directory I think I’m pushing the limits.  I frequently now have my WD TV freeze up on me and I have to reboot it.  I can watch about an hour of video and it will lock up again.  Even if it is sitting idle it will within 2 hours lock-up and freeze.

Is there another option I could use with LinkSheets.  I found a post where you put the line in the theme that makes LinkSheets work.

You are correct (of course).  I was hoping that there was a way to prepend a path in front of the @@browse_text so that the LinkSheets could be in a similar directory structure as the movie files.  That way the theme directory wouldn’t have 10,000 files in one folder.

Any ideas or alternate suggestions?

Linksheets work “as is” on Official Firmware … you can’t change the behaviour unless you use Custom Firmware

With KAD79’s Firmware Running off a USB Stick, Linksheets are no longer in the Theme Folder

they reside next to your media files.

eg. on CFW they are named   _sheet.jpg     eg. 





From memory, my 1st impression was they displayed a lot faster … compared to the old method in the theme folder

but that was a while ago … i’m using a Raspberry Pi 2 with Kodi now, that automatically does moviesheets for me :smiley:

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I suppose I should have mentioned that I am using KAD79’s Firmware and GBBM (Goodbye Black Mamba) theme.  I believe on what is being called a Gen4 WD TV.  Everything seems to work perfectly on it.

First of all I get confused and don’t really know what the difference is between Linksheets and Movesheets.  They appear to be used interchangeablely in the forums.

Scratch that… I just found a post that explains it all  Moviesheets-Vs-Linksheets.  Oh what a suprise, the post was made by you.  Hold on while I go click the star. . . .  Ok, I’m back.

So, I’m using Linksheets exactly as you described in this post.  In fact your post is probably where I learned how to do it.  I like that linksheets show up instantly and are available for files AND folders.  Much of my artwork is for the organizing folders too.  I don’t want to give that up so I suppose Moviesheets are out.

OH!  I have an idea!   Is it possible to use both Linksheets and Moviesheets?  Linksheets for the folders and Moviesheets for the acutal media files.  Only having the folder Linksheets in the .theme folder and having Moviesheets for the media files on the network shared drive might work. I would just have something like 400 files in the .theme folder instead of 10,000.

The only thing I don’t know about now is what is in that Tomorrowland.xml file that makes the Moviesheets work.  I’m off to search for the answer.  I’m sure you have posted it somewhere before.

Thanks JoeySmyth!

yeah i guess the .xml file is redundant … sure you can mix Linksheets with Moviesheets (but remember Moviesheets in my FAQ only work in Gallery View and are not instantly displayed ie 2-3 second delay)

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OK, I did some searching and as expected, I found the answer, or at least part of the answer here.  Also as expected, it was one of JoeySmyth’s posts that had the answer.

If I understand this correctly using your media files to continue the example:





The content of the Tomorrowland.xml file would be:


So I tried this out and it works! Hang on and let me see if I can get both MovieSheets and Linksheets to work so that I’ll have folder art also.  It won’t take me but just a minute.

See, that didn’t take long.  The answer is YES! Moviesheets and Linksheets will work together.  So I can use Moviesheets for media files and Linksheets for folder backgrounds as described in the GBBM theme.

Of course, after one solution there is always another question.

When using the Tomorrowland.xml file assuming I have the contents of the file correct.  The backdrop keeps reloading using an arbutrary transition, such as, slide in from the left or right, or fade in, grow from the bottom left corner, etc.  This is annoying and I want it to stop.  

I suppose a search for what options are available in the Moviesheet xml file is in order.

Any bets on whether the answer is found in a JoeySmyth post?


personally … i like the “fade” transition … or for no transition effect, select “normal”

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And Fixed!

I don’t know how to thank you!  I know, I’ll click the little star!

Of course, next question is how do I get Thumbgen to create the xml files for me.  I’m using the GBBM template in Thumbgen so I have edited the output backdrop file name to include the _sheet in the name.  That works correctly now.  The only thing left is to have it generate the properly named xml file.  I’m searching for that next!

Also I have noticed that for the one movie I have been using as a test case.  Two empty folders have been created (I’m assuming by WDTV) in the fold that contains the movie.  They are named 



Both folders are empty.

Brymen wrote: The only thing left is to have it generate the properly named xml file.  I’m searching for that next!

it’s been a while and i’ve forgoten a lot of stuff… but this should get you started

Brymen wrote:Two empty folders have been created (I’m assuming by WDTV) in the fold that contains the movie.  They are named 





Both folders are empty.

they won’t be empty for long … over time they will start automatically filling up with images and files