Theme for updated firmware SMP

First off thanks for taking the time to read this, the real question is in the last section

Hello, haven’t been on here for a while. I am having a bit of trouble since I am a complete noob. I tried doing a theme a long time ago for my SMP but during the process it didn’t work. I tried 3 different times to correct it, only for it to not work, so I just did a factory reset and lived with the original theme.

Recently my family bought me a project/huge screen, we have started to watch a movie every night. One of the things that bothered my family is that there is no movie discription/info for the thousand movies I have on my hard drive, so they never know what to watch and what not to watch (my horror movies/gory action movies). Plus my neighbor’s kids come over sometimes and watch a movie, so I need to make sure they know which movies are appropriate for them by description.

I have updated my SMP to the latest version, so it seems like that puts a lot of these themes on here in conflict with my device. Which themes are updated to the latest firmware and are able to be installed on my SMP?

here’s your options

  1. turn on media library and auto-download content

doesn’t get any easier, although the auto process is bound to make mistakes

  1. try Mojo or Darklight, there are very well documented with full guides on how to set up the themes

and how to use thumbgen

  1. linksheets (expert mode) only attempt this after you already know what you’re doing